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Trauma Cage #3: The Body Cage

Trauma Cage #3: The Body Cage

Thank you for all your queries regarding the first two Trauma Cages from my last two instalments. I get it, this material is not for the squeamish, and I touch upon edgy and scary topics, but I hold you large: You can handle it. You must address these topics to understand the depth of human enslavement via what I’ve coined over the decades as “Weaponised Woundology.”

For the sake of repeating myself: All Trauma, including the most egregious of Trauma-Based Mind Control, is anchored in the take-over of the Mind-Heart-Body, which disconnects these three aspects of The Flesh from The Soul, as the Divine having a human experience on the Physical Plane—here to create, moving formless into form in the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe—outside of the Matrix.

Trauma-based Mind Control hijacks the Human Energy Field, which weakens the Auric Field’s protective capabilities. This eventually allows foreign invaders/low vibrational entities of ill-intent to penetrate and affect the physical body, along with its organs and tissues, blood fluids and bones—and the Superpowers of the 7 Chakras, which keep our connectivity to Heart-Mind-Body-Soul coordination. The Chakras enhance our physical and spiritual immunity.

Because of the amnesia of our conditioned human enslavement within the Matrix—our Divine Powers are entirely forgotten and neutered through the infiltration of our Human Energy Field and then attacking the Chakra System, which, in totality, disconnects us from our Divine Creative Powers and Chakra Codes of Creativity held in the Superpowers of each Chakra that connects us to Cosmic Source Energy—God-Goddess-All-That-Is and Earth Energies—that of Gaia and the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

Remember: The World IS NOT THE PLANET. The World is The Matrix. The Planet is a physical Expression within and of the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe. The World and The Matrix are satanic inversions of the Planet and the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

The power usurped through the Heart Cage is beyond measure. The powers-that-wanna-be know all too well the value of disconnecting us from our True Loving Nature as Love-in-a-body, as Grand Creators. the forgetfulness of who and what we are as Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience—here to create Formless into Form for our respective benefits. The Matrix expands according to the ongoing drainage of Human Creative and Loving energies.

The Mind and Heart Cages ensure that we are entirely disconnected, not just from our Divinity but also from our humanity.

Disconnected from our humanity, we cannot access empathy and compassion. Without access to our Heart and understanding, we cannot embody our souls through the Power Chakra, The Seat of the Soul. Being soul-less, we are closer to representing a psychopath or sociopath, capable of unspeakable acts against another living being.

Remorseless, the powers-that-wanna-be, in complete control of human behaviour, can utilise all their means to control the 3rd Trauma Cage: The Body Cage—which hijacks the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Chakras and their Superpowers, specifically through physical psycho-sexual violence/humiliation and enslavement.

Our Second Chakra (Creativity/Pleasure/Sex Center) governs our Superpowers of Divinely Inspired Creativity, Divine Prosperity, Divine Sexuality and Divine Sensuality—being in our physical sensorial Universe’s senses get distorted in the Matrix’s world. It also governs the feel-good, inspired activities that help activate the final steps just before birthing our brilliant ideas and fondest dreams. This Chakra assists us in magnetising the monies required to complete our creative vision. This centre supports and fuels creativity, Self-expression, abundance and prosperity, and our access to sensuality, sexuality, and pleasure, utilising all seven senses without guilt and shame.

Unless we are consciously conceived by fully awakened parents who’ve done their Great Work and exited the Matrix, the Matrix programs us from the time of our conception to be sex slaves.

With all this in mind, the Matrix and their powers-that-wanna-be drool/get aroused by any given opportunity to disconnect humans from these superpowers of our 2nd Chakra. They sadistically do so through the most egregious violence, torture, sex abuse, rape, mutilation—satanic Ritual abuse—whose participants salivate and are sexually aroused by the screams of pain, suffering, fear, and terror experienced by their sacrificial humans.

These evil motherfuckers are fucking sick; ya’ll. I have seen footage of such heinous despicable evil acts videotaped for the perpetrator/torturer’s posterity. These beautiful, eternally youthful celebrities so many of you follow and endeavour to emulate.

Our First Chakra--The Muladhara Chakra (meaning "root"), is also known as our Manifestation Chakra, the Survival/Thriving Chakra. It governs our Superpowers of Divinely Inspired Manifestation—the actual birthing of our brilliant ideas and fondest dreams/intentions into pure physicality, whether birthing a baby, a book, a CD of original music, your dream home, an independent film, world service or right to exist. This centre represents Manifestation at its highest vibration, in service to one and all, and fuels the empowerment and assurance of survival into thriving—mastering and respecting Nature, honouring life and all relationships, feeling safe in your body and surroundings, and, if not, defending yourself with lethal force or running.

Disconnection from these superpowers through all forms of Trauma-Based Mind Control allows one’s embodiment of human slavery as a human chattel—expendable and complete. Over the millennia, the collective pain-body of human enslavement is saturated with hopelessness, the automaton robotic, order following zombified existence that’s been drug-induced, trauma-induced, and fear-induced by the power-hungry induced victim-perpetrator polarity, even embodying both contradictions depending on where one sits in the Matrix Hierarchy.

As Matt of Quantum of Conscience would say, “We were born into this system.”

That being said, the murmured echoes of our Divinity call us to awaken and see the wrongness of our collective and individual enslavement and suffering. We begin to remember who and what we are.

Our awakening, exiting the Matrix and DeActivation of all traumas expands the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe—because we remember who and what we are as Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience, here to create formless into form.

And so the awakening begins amidst the pain and suffering we endure whilst facing the evils perpetrated by our brothers and sisters high on power, overrun by their victimisation-trauma-based mind control—making the complete turn to the dark side as promulgated by the demonic powers-that-wanna-be and rewarded by Matrix power, fame, and riches.

The totality of the Mind Controls perpetrated upon humanity is concretised through the hijacking and usurping of the superpowers of the Human Energy Field and Chakra System, which devastates and makes inert a human being’s Spiritual Immunity.

The process of Trauma DeActivation, in addition to the DeArmouring of the Human Energy Fields, is crucial to the emancipation of the Human Race stuck in the Matrix as food and fodder.

We will continue this discussion in future articles.

Thank you for your attention and participation.


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