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Your Itch-to-Bitch, Granted! It starts with a grievance. You wanna scream your head off for some relief, but you’re not a psycho, so you stuff it, and whisper to yourself, “shhhhhhhh…”


Shushing yourself and getting shushed


Silence is NOT always golden.

Sometimes life is just too much—too messy, too rough and tumble, too many contrasting experiences, you’re out of control with the up and down emotional rollercoaster ride—the momentum of negativity has got you clubbing yourself over the head.

You’re pissed off, irritated, curt, and annoyed


If you could, you’d dial it down, take a reset nap, and try to start all over again, but that’s NOT possible right now. You suddenly become accident-prone: you stub your toe, cut your finger, spill coffee onto your Mac.

Now you’re thinking about (or maybe actually) kicking the dog, throwing the cat around, and you’re definitely down for engaging in some road rage and activating your Inner Asshole.

Your mate, your friends, and family members are either way too judgmental or too distracted in their own stuff or indifferent about your shit—OR they’re just sick and tired of hearing you complain about the same things over and over, again and again.

You don’t want a therapist, you don’t need a healing session.

Enough with dealing with reality, you know that’s New Age / New Thought Bullshit, anyway.


You just want someone to listen to you.

You want some tender loving care and some undivided attention from someone who isn’t going to make you wrong.

You desire a safe place where you can Bitch, Dump, Vent, and Moan freely without consequence with someone who can help you reach for a better feeling place, so you can feel like yourself again.

Feel the relief. Feel light and refreshed afterwards—like you unloaded a wide-load trailer full of heavy tension and bullshit, in plain English.


BDVM Sessions are via telephone/Skype/Zoom.

Buy one 50-minute session at $125 or prepay a series of 4 at $500, and receive your 5th session for free.

Please note: Due to our limited availability, all sessions are prepaid. We have a non-negotiable 48-Hour Cancellation Policy. There are no refunds or make-ups for missed appointments.

Email me to drop me a quick message about my sessions, or anything else you want to know!
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