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Testimonials, Props & Raves

over the last nearly 4 decades!


“Marja is extraordinary. Unlike with other spiritual coaches or healers there is no by-the-book or generic process that you will encounter when you work with her. She is raw, down-to-the-core, very authentic and spontaneous and it is that authenticity that gives you a lot of space to be yourself and to be with whatever is. When working with her, I felt very accepted and nurtured and yet she held me accountable for releasing the power within me that she strongly encouraged me to believe in again. Marja has X years of experience with trauma clients and the promise that her book gives – to be led into full openness – is held while your expectations for transformation are exceeded. I am not exaggerating. Apart from being very generous, she is also very funny, and her spirit is sooo uplifting. In case you have thought about working with her, I really want to suggest you do. I can highly recommend to book her for a session. Thank you so much, Marja and a deeply felt “Namaste!”!” 

~ Rami Abdallah, Management Consultant and Coach, Germany

Marja West takes no prisoners and suffers no fools, refreshingly. 
Working with Marja, I was challenged to a stark self-assessment and recognition of core issues that I was reliving, recreating, and responsible for.

I learned how to cut through the toxic noise crushing my self-esteem and productivity by connecting to the source field ato my spiritual dharma and renew my connection to Unity Consciousness.

Marja’s kindness and strength are the quintessential examples of the sacred feminine/sacred masculine, balanced in action and thought. Marja has gifted us all with her outstanding and essential work so that we can have better relationships with ourselves and our world. 

I am very grateful to have her life-changing information, skills, and support.  

Marja’s superpowers are Creativity, Intelligence, and Compassion.

~ Leiha PureHeart, Documentary Filmmaker

I have nothing but amazing things to say about my time working with Marja. She truly is a shining light of consciousness, love, healing, and laughter. I came to her during one of the lowest moments of my life and she helped me to transform old stories about my past. She is truly empathic, strong, and full of heart. I was guided back to my original soul self before my heartbreak and personal awakenings. If you want a truly gifted healer and magical woman who can help you quickly transform your life story in powerful ways, then I kindly suggest working with Marja. ~ Adriana Z., Italy


As an intuitive healer for nearly 30 years, I am amazed that there are so few genuine "go-tos" when I need an expert and sincere friend to walk me through those precarious moments when I know I just can't do it alone. Marja is that...she is beyond brilliant at clearing the way for new life to shine through. She is my go-to for my trickiest, stickiest times when new consciousness wants to break on through and change the fabric of my entire reality. Marja's sessions are grounded in resonant truth and effective in ways that allow one to make lasting changes in the most precarious of places. I am beyond grateful for her friendship and dedication to the awakening of a heart-centered humanity. ~ Inaiya Ray, writer

Marja is a kind and compassionate healer. She is a woman of high integrity. The self-reflection, practice, and hard work she has done personally and professionally has made her a woman who is not afraid to do the hard work... both for herself and for her clients. Her writing is filled with powerful insights that can help people feel inspired and take action. She is a wise woman!! ~ Julie Matthews, Nutritional Consultant, Founder—Nourishing Hope, San Francisco, California


As of 2024:

Marja is a gem of refreshing exuberance in a world full of more and more echo chamber doldrums. What I mean is she stands out from the crowd of other practitioners I have worked with because she’s solid in who she is, while continuing the work on herself, and not afraid to be transparent about that. She focuses on meeting me where I am at and isn’t shy about sharing her true beliefs and humanness as well. She has the wisdom to share, which I feel comes through as I am about 20 years younger. 

As a therapist, I find there is a learning and growth process involved in being of service to others while also being authentically myself in sessions with my clients. It’s not always easy to strike the balance on this. I am learning gradually.  I believe Marja models this balance well, and does so with ease and flow. I have experienced and witnessed Marja’s evolution as well as my own through working with her along with a few other supportive mentors. I find her support to be gentle and receptive, while simultaneously to the point, clear, empowered, and direct. It’s also usually with some fun, humor, and a touch of sarcasm along the way.  I feel there is someone who gets where I am coming from on the other side of the Zoom room, has compassion as well as boundaries that I have grown to trust, responds when I write, and is just as much a friend as a mentor. She’s helped me slowly work through my obstacles and barriers to creating a life I love more and more. I highly recommend her. ~ M.P Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT)


I’ve known Marja for over 25 years. She has worked her magic on me through some of the hardest times in my life. The shifts she initiates are deep and lasting. She always knows exactly what is needed. I have shown up at her door a deflated shell of a person, and walked out standing tall and grounded. I have reached out to her when I needed clarity and she has brought me to the quiet place to make clear decisions. She is a warrior goddess. I am forever grateful to her for her love, guidance, and support through the years. ~ Amy B., Fashion Designer, Mom, Oakland, California


I have known and worked with Marja for over 12 years.  She has an amazing gift for seeing to the heart of the matter, reading all the energies in your field, and liberating you from the energetic bondage that was formed in childhood.  She will rock your world for your benefit and for the benefit of all your relations!  Fasten your seat belt and get ready for transformation! ~ Amber S., Minister, Carmel, California


A Lesson In Correspondence:

Marja West is an incredible guiding healer who holds you accountable for your shadow work.  I had known about the outside being a reflection of one’s inner world for a long time and yet it never really seemed to fully integrate into my consciousness until Marja’s techniques helped me facilitate a reconstruction of my perspective on life. As I would slip into the old habit of focusing my attention on changing my outside circumstances she would remind me to redirect my attention inward shifting me back into the present moment. The first time she helped me do this it was as if years of resentment and pain were instantly replaced with relief and gratitude. 

As a result of this inward shift, I saw my outward circumstances start to mirror the positive change within. 

This incident was the catalyst I needed to help realize the power of my own mind in creating reality. It emphasized the importance of being in the present moment and accepting myself as I am now. This process also helped me to excavate old pain that had long since been buried and forgotten, bringing it back into the foreground of my awareness, and allowing me to finally process years of grief which had previously been expressed in bouts of unconscious anger. This unraveling grief continues to this day revealing new insights about myself that explain past behaviors, and motivations and allow me to approach myself with empathy instead of shame and guilt. The tools Marja provides are priceless gifts that will continue to enrich me for a lifetime and I’m grateful to have chosen her to help guide me through this. ~ M.N., Mother of 4, Truth-Seeker, North Carolina

From the 1990s

The Divine Mother works through Marja West gently, passionately and ruthlessly with piercing insights of “She”. Her utter presence shines through Marja’s eyes and hands and Beingness. “She” guides you into the fire, waits for you as you burn away your past, and then “She” ushers you out of the ash and celebrates your phoenix rising. This work is NOT for those who want to continue suffering. This work reveals what is by dissolving what isn’t.  ~ Varpu Smolander, Helsinki, Finland


Marja is grounded, clear, so present and peaceful. She told me straight up, “The past is gone, and the future isn’t here. Drop them both and forget about reincarnation!” This was upsetting, and I didn’t want to hear it. She pissed me off, but found the truth in my pain and constant bitching, here, within Me and my monkey mind! It’s a bumpy road this getting outta my mind business, but Light beams out of my eyes, too. No more haze! WOW! I can be still, observe my ups and downs and all the Matrix shitshows, as she hilariously calls pop culture, and carry on, focused on my life and well-being.  

~ J Snowden, PhD, New York, New York


...I have more energy and feel much more at peace...Marja is truly a master in her work.  –D. Savidge, Marketing Analyst, Walnut Creek, California


Doing this work with Marja has changed my life. When I met her, I had had an abortion eight months before...was devastated to the point of incapacitation. I defined myself by it. .Marja successfully cleared that from me, it no longer runs my life...There have been many experiences like that since. Thank you, Marja. ~ Lucia Giacometti, chef, San Francisco, California


Before Marja, I spent most of my time feeling ill, and most of my energy avoiding things I was allergic to. Now, I feel good and spend my energy on things I enjoy.  ~ J. Venner, Software Engineer, Pilot, Redwood City, California


I have never felt or slept better since working with Marja. She’s professional and compassionate in dealing with my issues. It works for me!  ~ R.D., Physician, Berkeley, California


Marja has been instrumental in allowing me to realize a new level of self-acceptance, self-esteem and personal power. She has assisted me in releasing the blocks to my success, both in my personal life and professionally. Her work is truly transformational. ~ Sandra Camacho, RN, DC, DIHom, San Francisco, California


From the 2000s

During a time of great crisis, Marja was my source of hope and inspiration. I was diagnosed with sudden onset of panic disorder and agoraphobia, and my doctors doubted that I’d ever work again...Marja helped me see past the labels and to heal the underlying traumas...Through her unfailing support I learned to empower myself...Today, I am working again and enjoying life! Marja’s mastery of energy work and her incredible talents are continually awe inspiring. ~ K.C., Absolute Balanced Mastery Practitioner, Austin, Texas


Marja West’s skills are unsurpassed. She is a true master! Working with Marja has been life changing. I received more profound and lasting healing from one session with Marja, than from years of other practices. After years of severe multi-food allergies, Marja’s facilitation successfully cleared my reactions--a feat that Western medicine and other alternative methods had been unable to accomplish. She is a powerful force of love and deep caring.

~ Ylonda Viola, Filmmaker, Photographer, Santa Fe, New Mexico


I have found the work Marja does to be deeply healing on all levels--physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. This work has greatly shifted my understanding of the body, consciousness, the universe, and how everything is connected. ~ Lori Parsley, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Columbus, Ohio


Marja facilitated the release of creative blocks I have been holding in place for many years. I’m finally painting from my soul again, thanks, in part to her. ~ L. Ciccone, Artist, Kauai, Hawaii


What an awesome earth angel! Marja rocks! I have always known there’s more to this place than the five senses. My mind and my heart and my body dance with my soul. ~ Beyza Tatiana Atatürk, Adana, Turkey


Significant energetic shifts occur in each session that are literally palpable within the body … I can walk in feeling sluggish, low energy, and disempowered, and walk out feeling energized, confident, flowing with new ideas, and focused on how to manifest them.   Positive change is not only possible with Marja, it is inevitable for anyone dedicated and ready to embrace it.

The combination of traditional talk-therapy with energetic healing brings about complete, long-lasting and transformative results. Marja’s goal is to guide clients in realizing significant, positive change quickly, effectively, and in a minimum number of sessions. There is no right or wrong way to do the work; just the way that works for me, and results in the greatest shifts toward higher mastery.

Marja is a compassionate, insightful, thought-provoking, and creative guide through life’s journeys, who finds as much excitement in my shifts and successes as I do.   Her wry, tell-it-like-it-is sense of humor makes the process not only enjoyable but real, and is a great complement to her diverse, extensive knowledge as a healer and mentor. ~ Annette Lindemann, television producer, writer, Marin County

Marja’s energy work has had an immediate, yet long-term profound positive effect on my personal and professional life. ~ C.M., General Contractor/Real Estate Developer, St. Augustine, Florida

I was stuck in a 37 year marriage that in many ways kept me from realizing the potential of my life. With counseling, in addition to sessions with Marja, I was able to divorce my husband, get a fabulous new job, and move to an area where I have always wanted to live. Not only has she made a difference (as in huge) in my life, but both my daughters have gone to her with wonderful results. Marja’s techniques and abilities are truly life-changing. I intend to continue to see her for my “tune-ups” as my sessions with her always make me feel great. She is an amazing person. She has a life-changing message and practice. I highly recommend her. ~ ABC, Registered Nurse, Playwright, Napa, California

I just adore and love the whole conversation with God, The Goddess, or the Divine-In-Me, or however you wanna call it, aspect of ABM™ sessions with Marja. I know it sounds trippy, but it’s real, and my life has become much more fun. Cleaning up my energy has done wonders for my attractor patterns—no more bringing weirdoes, flakes, and constant drama into my life. Now I laugh because life is good, not because it’s absurd! ~ Tessa, Artist and Computer Geek, London, England

Marja is such a great cheerleader and an inspiration. She’s just like the rest of us, except that she’s figured out some of life’s secrets to truly living your best life amidst this prison planet. Thank you for sharing, Marja! ~ James Stein, Investor, Patron of the Arts, Truth & Freedom Advocate, New York, NY

Marja has mastered the art of listening and bringing out the best in people, plus I’m no longer allergic to my boyfriend’s cats!  ~ Jackie W., Musician, Hollywood, SoCal

Marja has truly been a blessing in my life.  I came to her to reduce my PMS symptoms just a little bit - and instead started a remarkable journey that has not only given me improved physical health on all levels but has dramatically improved my ability to manifest my life...We not only resolved my physical ailments but unearthed unfinished emotional and historical issues that were preventing me from really creating the life I wanted for myself. Today, I feel physically great, can easily feel joy on a daily basis, and am enjoying the adventure of discovering what I want in life - and manifesting it! ~ Caroline Cabading, Musician, Artist, San Francisco, California

Such incredible generosity and wisdom flows through this most humble 21st-century Dakini powerhouse, donning designer clothes, and is also known as Marja West! This woman’s cutting-edge work is a no-holds-barred-no-bullshit dissolver of all the stuff that binds us to our limitations and keeps us from embodying the light and consciousness we already are, all the while breaking the karmic wheels. ~ J.B. Yoga Instructor, NSW, Australia


Marja, is an incredible soul, her warrior heart and her passion are unparalleled.. she is free, uninhibited and unpretentious! Her beauty both in her soul and in her appearance, do not adequately inform you with who she is. A princess of divine enjoyment and careful courage to add incredible value to your life.. she is my friend and I love her. Be blessed by the Gift of Marja West. ~ Devi Wilson

Marja's clarity, focus, skill and heart provide incisive healing through her energy work as well as telegraphing transformational wisdom through her writing. I have enjoyed the deep healing benefit of her one-on-one sessions for over 20 years. Through sessions with Marja I have been able to access and release content, patterns and physical symptoms. She is a force of nature, a compassionate and highly skilled practitioner and a clear voice to awaken the heart and wellbeing in all of us. Highly recommend. ~ Sarah McCroskey

When Marja speaks ... LISTEN. She has so many mind blowing posts and I always learn something from her, every single day. ❤️

~ Christine Burnett, therapist

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