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Courses with Marja West
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My Energy Healing coursework and trainings are NOT for the faint of heart nor for the squeamish. Due to the sober nature of this sacred work and level of intensity required for undertaking these trainings and becoming a facilitator, I am no longer offering group programs online or live.

I have personally trained and certified over 500 practitioners all over the planet since 1994. I personally know all of them.


Some of them are NOT in good standing and NOT current in their Energy Mastery/Energy Healing skill sets. I cannot and do not endorse them.

If you are working with someone who claims to be certified by me as one of my Basic or Advanced Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Energy Healing Practitioners or one of my very few Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Trauma-Based Mind Control DeActivation™ Master Practitioners, please email me at and I will confirm their status.

If you are interested in training with me privately, please email me at, stating your clear intention and query for my availability. There is an application and vetting process. You will be sent specific course content afterward.

Here is my LoveTruth&Beauty YouTube channel video playlist on Trauma-Based Mind Control for your review which clearly addresses the true nature of undertaking this most sacred work:


Props and Appreciation from my students and practitioners:


Kathryn Chalfant, Austin, Texas: Marja has been an amazing healer, teacher, and dear friend to me for over 20 years. I highly recommend her! Her healing work was so powerful for me that I was inspired to take her practitioner trainings and set up a practice of my own. Being an Absolute Balanced Mastery practitioner is one of the most fulfilling things I have done, and Marja makes herself a helpful resource to her practitioners every step of the way. Anyone looking to expand themselves and their life into greater joyful, creative, and prosperous flow will love working with Lightworker Marja!


Inaiya Ray, Bali, Indonesia: As an intuitive healer for nearly 30 years, I am amazed that there are so few genuine "go to's" when I am needing an expert and sincere friend to walk me through those precarious moments when I know I just can't do it alone. Marja is that...she is beyond brilliant at clearing the way for new life to shine through. She is my go-to for my trickiest, stickiest times when new consciousness wants to break on through and change the fabric of my entire reality. Marja's sessions are grounded in resonant truth and effective in ways that allow one to make lasting changes in the most precarious of places. I am beyond grateful for her friendship and dedication to the awakening of a heart centered humanity.


Aliky Kouroupis, Sydney, Australia: "Marja is an extraordinary presenter, teacher, author, speaker, healer, trainer and above all an inspired person who clearly walks her truth. Marja's Absolute Balanced Mastery™ training is the most comprehensive healing training for aspiring healers both for themselves and as a service to others. Marja's birth name not only resonates with the vibration of 'ma' = mother, she is a True Inspiring Leader who leads by example. Marja is the epitome of much needed modern medicine woman of our time and a pioneer and innovator in her field and body of work Absolute Balanced Mastery™.  


She has a divine and unique ability to deliver information in a simplified, concise and entertaining way that anyone at any level of evolution can resonate with whether in groups or individually. This is because she speaks timeless Truth and is one with Universal Law both from her heart and vibrant presence.


Marja's Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Trauma DeActivation Master Practitioner training is delivered in a very clear and succinct manner with practicums and resources that enable you both—during and after the training—to utilise the body of work and consult.


Marja’s presentations and lectures are unique and most entertaining by way of delivery including song, musical instruments, involving everyone in an empowering way. Her writing is melodious and most inspiring to read. Her inspired offerings and services are of the highest frequency for these turbulent modern times, imparting dynamic wisdom of the ancients."



Copyright © 1994-2024. Marja West/Absolute Balanced Mastery™/LoveTruthandBeauty. All rights reserved.

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