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The Journalling & Burning Course


Journalling is the fast track to Waking Up and Staying Awake, which is all about managing your Attention and Focus—both critical components for Exiting The Matrix during this life and upon one’s physical death.


In doing DIY Shadow Work, the application of the Hermetic Principles—particularly the 5th Hermetic Principle of Polarity is of great importance in regaining one’s focused attention away from The Matrix and all its distractions and diminishing (and eventually eliminating) identification to one’s traumas and storyline narratives.


I have found the Journalling and Burning Exercises quite powerful and successful in unpacking and unwinding the incessant *Monkey Mind* of the Inner Screen, often in reactivity to the Matrix’s Outer Screen, aka Everyone/Everything Other Than Me chatter, frequently triggered by visuals, events, and experiences that further trigger mental and emotional reactivity that further hijack one’s attention and therefore awareness.


If you do not own your awareness,

then The Matrix OWNS YOU!


Being Present and Awake resides in your Centre Screen. When you Own Your Attention, regardless of circumstances, you are no longer at risk of having your energy hijacked by the Matrix through its Outer and Inner Screens. 


You can utilise this exercise on any topic. The point of the exercise is to unpack and excavate all the possibilities/thoughts/emotional/physical reactivity or outcomes onto the page in writing--regardless of labelling them positive or negative/good or bad or logical/irrational—you will discover something rather interesting. 


The Journalling and Burning Course is a specific journalling methodology for particular outcomes. It is not your willy-nilly journalling practice of upchucking repetitive storylines that only reactivates and empowers negative mindsets and traumas.


This course is a 1:1 mentoring session on Zoom with Marja West.


Tuition: $169

Please email me at with your questions, to register, schedule, and receive tuition payment instructions.

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