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Energy Kung Fu Mastery Course


This 6-module 1:1 course with Marja West initiates one with the skills required to warrior up for the ongoing HyperDimensional Warfare inherent in this Matrix Reality. The course integrates Energetic Management and Psychic Self-Defense to meet Centre Screen Mastery and Black Hat|Compass Feng Shui with the correct application of The Hermetic Principles. It is 12 hours of bootcamp-like instruction. For cohesiveness, the course must be completed within one month of registering.


Module One: The True Quantum Field Universe vs The Matrix

  • The Nature of Reality

  • The Nature of Creativity

  • Three Attention Centres and How The Matrix Hijacks Your Attention

  • Attention Management, Focus & Waltzing In and Out of The Matrix

  • The Trap to Reincarnate

  • Exiting The Matrix


Module Two: Dimensional Realities

  • Planes of Existence-Alternative Realities & Densities

  • Dimensions~Realities

  • Past Lives~Future Lives~Composite LIfelines~

  • Timelines

  • Time-free Zones

  • Possession-Dealing with Entities—Djinns-Golems-Ghosts, and Demons


Module Three: Energy Anatomy: The Human Auric Energy Field

  • Light Body

  • Etheric Body

  • Causal Body

  • Mental Body

  • Emotional Body

  • Health-Template

  • Physical Body


Module Four: The 7 Chakras—Their Gifts & Meanings

  • 7 Sahasrara-Crown

  • 6 Ajna-Third Eye

  • 5 Vishudda-Throat

  • 4 Anahata-Heart

  • 3 Manipura-Power

  • 2 Svadisthana-Sex

  • 1 Muladhara Base

  • Clearing & Re-energising


Module Five: The Meridian System ~ Where Toxic Emotions Get Stuck

  • 5 Element Theory

  • Creation-Destruction Cycles

  • Bladder/Kidney

  • Gall Bladder/Liver

  • Circulation~Sex/Triple Warmer

  • Lung/Large Intestine

  • Stomach/Spleen-Pancreas

  • Hear/Small Intestine

  • Governing/Central Vessel

  • Clearing & Re-energising


Module Six: Integrating Everything=Psychic Self-Defence=Energy Kung Fu

  • Safety Protocols of Energy Kung Fu

  • Divine Inquiry

  • Affirmations, Declarations, Intentions, and Mantras

  • Basic Sacred Space Black Hat Feng Shui

  • Tools


After this course, you will be able to detect and clear entity attachments, detect and clear emotional-energetic projections for yourself, family, and friends, and set up safety grids around yourself, loved ones, and your personal space.


Tuition: $1500 prepaid (save $600) or six payments of $350 due before Module Instruction. 


Please email me at to register and receive tuition payment information.


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