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Yoni-Phallus DeArmouring Sessions

Formerly known as Stop Slut-Shaming Yourself & Your Sexual History


Regardless of whether you are a Man or Woman and whether you are Gen Y-Z Woke or a bonafide Baby-Boomer-Generation X Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll aficionado—Slut-shaming is toxic! And while I don’t condone debasing one’s sexuality to get over and manipulate a Man or Woman because you’re an entitled sexual predator psycho asshole who needs some deep self-reflection Shadow work engaged, we’ve all had a sexual past of too much or nothing at all and everything in between.

Some experiences are deeply painful and shameful, leaving you feeling regretful and dirty, ruminating over cringe-worthy details and memories.

Some of us have extremely pleasurable experiences that were beyond a shadow of a doubt—criminal and degradingly depraved. 

Whatever your experience, some consequences can affect you emotionally, energetically, mentally, psychically, psychologically, and sexually—rendering you unable to create and maintain healthy boundaries to manifest and sustain healthy loving relationships or unable to become sexually aroused or perhaps making an unhealthy imbalanced addiction to porn or risky sexual behaviour or abstaining, altogether.

This healing session and process is a Two-hour 1:1 with Marja West (plus a 30-minute follow-up check-in) to DeActivate and DeArmour all the judgey, sticky, icky, regretful, shameful, painful memories and traumas about our sexual history—previous lovers, the ones who got away, the ones who rejected us or left us, the ones we cheated on because we could, not to mention any history of sexual assault, rape, and torture. 

As with all women, the burden is on us as we are the Receptive Principle—with every person we have sex with, there is a substantive deposit of DNA from each lover—wanted and unwanted that our bodies absorb, and this includes everyone they’ve ever had sex with. Yikes! The energetic consequences cannot be ignored without detriment to our bodies—ageing us prematurely and padding our bodies with unsightly excess fat at the very least, or emaciating us from the psychic-sexual vampirism from the sexual exposure to sexual NSPs—Narcissists-Sociopaths-Psychopaths. Let’s not forget to mention the internal scarring and trauma armouring inherent in sexual activity as trauma bonding in general because of our intrinsic sex slavery programming, and men are just as affected!

It’s easy to slut-shame ourselves and even easier to mask our pain and shame and add to it by succumbing to sexual dysfunction like vaginismus, painful intercourse, premature ejaculation, erection dysfunction, low sex drive or disinterest, either isolating and defaulting into asexuality/nonsexuality or drug and alcohol addiction or piling on, becoming a sexual predator and adding to a body count that will, in time, have severe consequences physically and energetically because you do know better. 

Suggested Donation: $375. Please email me at to register, schedule, and receive instructions for making payment.

And so, the Unconscious Woman awakens and embodies Her Divinity, giving rise to the Conscious Woman who now ascends, takes flight, and dances in the sky. She is the female embodiment of enlightened energy. She dances. She is Form—Skydancing through the Formless. And so the healing begins when She decides to consciously descend and fully incarnate into Form, fully embodying Her life as the physical expression of Conscious Woman to match up to Conscious Man who awaits—after doing HIS deep inner work, as he has suffered too in his quest to dissolve this own programming of perpetrator unconsciousness.

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