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The following shortlist of names, books, and links are in no particular order of importance. Each one has greatly contributed to my life and work by verifying and backing up my conclusions and direct experiences or nullifying some of my erroneous findings in their entirety.

Due Diligence is one of your superpowers, along with curiosity and child-like wonder. Dig in and go deep, compare multiple sources. Do not allow fear or your programmed mind-controlled laziness to deter you from growing, evolving, and exploring those uncomfortable places of Cognitive Dissonance or be a tool for the powers-that-wanna-be overlords of this prison planet to further the enslavement of humanity—YES, YOU and your complacency. 

Trivium and Quadrivium

The Kybalion

Carl G. Jung


Robert A. Monroe

Wes Penre

Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing

Barbara Marciniak

Neville Goddard

Krishnananda and Amana Trobe

Ayn Rand

Alice Miller

Esther Perel

Camille Paglia

Caroline Myss

Michael Tsarion

Robert Sepehr

Mark Passio 

Catherine Nixey

Jordan B. Peterson

Sethikus Boza

Caroline Riley

Phyliss Chessler

Arthur Janov

Rollo Tomassi

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