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The Relief of Letting Go...


Grief Walking is a compassionate and loving healing session that handholds you through your process of grieving and letting go.

Loss is an inevitable, painful, and unavoidable part of life.

But none of us are gifted with the skillsets required to navigate the emotions, feelings, and thoughts, along with the stressful effects on the Body, directly related to any form of loss—a divorce or relationship break up, the death of a loved one, a pet, a dream; loss of a job, business, finances; loss of a home; loss of health through cancer or other debilitating illness to name a few.


Our bodies will feel overwhelmed and stressed. These emotions include but are not limited to, sadness, grief, despair, devastation, depression, sorrow, anger, rage, frustration, confusion, loneliness, abandonment, betrayal, loss of trust, feeling lost, suicidal, etc.

When we avoid the emotions and feelings, and thoughts related to loss, many of us default to self-destructive and addictive behaviours such as over-working, over-exercising, bingeing, starving ourselves, purging, drug-taking, getting drunk, gambling, shopping, having indiscriminate sex/watching porn, engaging in road rage, cutting/self-mutilation, etc.

Receive gentle support, let yourself be held—transform what can be a most heart-rending difficult time into a time of heart-opening Self-awareness and Self-love.

Suggested Donation:


1.    Six 2-Hour Session Package (Six session minimum), $1850 prepaid to book/schedule and save $400. 

2.   Two 2-Hour Session Package (Two sessions minimum), $650 prepaid to book/schedule and save $100. 

3.   Single One-Off Healing sessions: $375/session prepaid to book/schedule each session.

Please email me directly at to ask your questions, register, schedule, and receive payment details.

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