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Trauma Cage #1: The Mind Cage

Trauma Cage #1: The Mind Cage

I will make this as simplistic as possible: All Trauma, including the most egregious of Trauma-Based Mind Control, is anchored in the take-over of the Mind-Heart-Body, which disconnects these three aspects of The Flesh from The Soul as the Divine having a human experience on the Physical Plane—here to create, moving formless into form.

Trauma-based Mind Control hijacks the Human Energy Field, which weakens the Auric Field’s protective capabilities. This eventually allows foreign invaders/low vibrational entities of ill-intent to penetrate and affect the physical body, along with its organs and tissues, blood fluids and bones—and the Superpowers of the 7 Chakras.

Because of the amnesia of our conditioned human enslavement within the Matrix—our Divine Powers are entirely forgotten and neutered through the infiltration of our Human Energy Field and then attacking the Chakra System, which, in totality, disconnects us from our Divine Creative Powers and Chakra Codes of Creativity held in the Superpowers of each Chakra that connects us to Cosmic Source Energy—God-Goddess-All-That-Is and Earth Energies—that of Gaia and the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

Remember: The World IS NOT THE PLANET. The World is The Matrix. The Planet is a physical Expression within and of the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

The World and The Matrix are satanic inversions of the Planet and the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

The Matrix has mind-controlled most hoomans since time immemorial through fear, violence, and the ongoing threat of pain of death to forget or deny their Divinity.

With this in mind, the First Trauma Cage is called The Mind Cage, which consists of the human head, skull, brain, hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, sinuses, throat, voice box, neck, the endocrine systems, and the highly compromised Superpowers of the 7th, 6th and 5th Chakras.

Working our way down from the 7th Chakra—Crown Centre—Our Seventh Chakra (Spiritual/Crown Center) governs our Superpowers of Divine Inspiration and our true, innate Spiritual Wisdom.

In Reality Creation, this Chakra is the entry point in our bodies of our respective brilliant ideas and fondest intentions direct from the Divine downloaded and assigned to each of us, respectively, to be brought forth onto the physical plane, materialised! This centre also is our direct connection to the Divine-Source-God-Goddess-All-That-Is, our core beliefs, and our core values based on our Innate Spiritual Wisdom.

Infiltration by the Matrix’s demonic powers-that-wanna-be allows the insertion of their sinister agendas that would purposefully enhance one’s disconnection from their Divinity. These agendas express as sudden obedience and fanaticism toward dangerous and violent totalitarian beliefs and doctrines that encourage the embodiment of victim-perpetrator behaviours and robotic-automated involuntary and voluntary order-following, to name a few.

Mind Control scripts are easily activated and maintained when our Superpower of Spiritual Wisdom and Direct Connection to Source-God-Goddess-All-That-Is are severed.

The hijacking of our Sixth Chakra Third Eye Superpowers of Divine Intuition, Imagination, and Inspired Vision results in the ailment of the Third Eye Blind

It is through our 6th Chakra—our Third Eye that we directly connect to the Realm of All Possibilities—of all that is known and yet to be known—where solutions to everything are now accessible to those clear enough to receive, where our mind’s eye sees the many possibilities of our respective brilliant ideas and fondest dreams/intentions, in full living colour, pictures, and visions.

The Superpower of Visualisation, so critical in Composing Reality and uploading goal frames, resides here so that we can see and dwell in pure possibility!

This Superpower, in my opinion, represents the ONE KEY that unlocks the enslavement of humanity’s creativity—potentially setting us all free from the mind-control of the powers-that-wanna-be!! So, of course, the powers-that-wanna-be would want to control these Superpowers lying dormant in all sleeping humans within the Matrix.

Cut off from our Spiritual Wisdom, disconnected from our Divinity, our Third Eyes blind to the Realm of possibility, Matrix mind control can now attack the Fifth Chakra, our Throat/Communication Center. Our Throat Chakra governs our Superpowers of Truth and Divinely Inspired Communication—affecting our voice and word. This Chakra is where we freely express and speak our Truth and share and walk our talk about our brilliant ideas and fondest dreams/intentions to one and all, including advocating for ourselves verbally: Invoking the lost word of NO.

Trauma-based Mind Control is on all levels: biologically, chemically, emotionally, energetically, genetically, mentally, physically, psychologically, psychically, sexually, spiritually, technologically (you know, those techie toys so many are addicted to) etc.

The Matrix and the evil powers-that-wanna-be engage all their tools and assets to enslave humanity. The most common practices and tactics are the fear instilled through horrific and egregious violence and torture—like blood ritual sacrifice and the threat of pain of death.

The Mind Cage is specific to violence and torture of the face and head.

Acts of violence to the face, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, skull/head—the scalp, and hair, including torture/sexual assault, either witnessed with the physical eyes or suffering heard through rape/sodomy, light deprivation, input overload, etc.

In addition, The Mind Cage also includes all brain damage resulting from violence and torture, including the impaired function of the Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal gland, Thyroid and Parathyroid glands, along with the hormones they produce—including stress hormones—fight, fright, and flight. Also affected are the senses (limited to 5 in the Matrix) sinuses, the ability to smell, taste, swallow, speak, see, access intuition, access our innate Generosity and Care—as victims of mind control, ruled by fear, betrayal, lack, scarcity, and pain of death.

I trust that this short overview and introduction to the Mind Cage illustrates the complexity of the Energetics of Trauma, especially Trauma-Based Mind Control. Bear in mind every event of Trauma suffered creates a perimeter of pseudo-safety and alarms that render the victim helpless to their plight—unable to defend themselves, powerless to fearfully comply with their masters/perpetrators until compliance becomes automated—which is the goal.

That’s it for now. Next up, Trauma Cage #2: The Heart Cage


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