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Exit The Matrix

Attention Management Course


The World is NOT the Planet; the World is the Matrix. The Matrix is a Digital Inversion of the True Quantum Field-Creation Field Universe where the Real Planet Earth exists.

The World is a Satanic Inversion of Planet Earth; therefore, this version of Planet Earth is a prison planet that has been overrun and manipulated for many, many millennia by power-hungry nefarious beings. 

Do not let this frighten you; these beings need our life force and creative energies to exist. They cannot leave this reality like a true human being can. 

They feed off of us through their lust for power—inflicting pain, suffering, and pleasure; through the distractions of addictions—sex, drugs, rock n roll, money, material wealth, gambling; through trauma-based mind control, PTSD’s, fear and war-mongering, and Love ‘n Light Only New-Age Bullshit grifts like the traps of karma and the saccharin-sweet promise of reuniting with loved ones and pets via reincarnation, most humans are helpless willing zombified prisoners of hell-on-earth—unbeknown to them that the only way to Exit the Matrix is through owning one’s attention throughout the lifetime, and especially upon physical death and release of this meat-suit called our bodies.

Every human has Three Attention Centres:

  1. Outer Screen – Everything that happens in front of your eyes in real-time that hijacks your attention and creative energies, including mass media shitshows like the news, videos, social media, interactions with people, and daily activities.

  2. Inner Screen – Everything that happens in your head— including looping thoughts-mind fucks-head trips, inner voices, trauma, memories, worries, judgments, and reactivity to all the Outer Screen events.

  3. Centre Screen – This is every Human Being’s Awakened Attention Centre, accessible only after Exiting the Matrix.

The Matrix EnSlaves Humanity by hijacking our focused attention through the Inner and Outer Screens. In doing so, these controllers drain and feed off our creative life force energy via psychic and blood ritual vampirism. 

Owning Your Attention is critical to Exiting the Matrix. Learning to waltz in and out of the Matrix undetected is one of the Super Powers that leads to living primarily from The Centre Screen so that upon your physical death—you can Exit the Matrix for real, willfully ignoring all seductive or fear-mongering invitations to recycle—opting out of the Matrix through one of its damaged sites throughout its vast structure that leads to the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

You have the opportunity to do so and UnSlave yourself. By Waking Yourself Up and Seeing Reality, you enter into your Centre Screen—your Awakened Attention Centre and regain control of the Outer and Inner Screens regardless of any triggers or upsets, Exiting the Matrix.

From your Centre Screen, you can witness the Matrix Shitshows broadcasting on the Outer Screen AND have full awareness of whatever is happening in your Inner Screen.

Being Awake and Sovereign as your True Divine Creative Nature means you Own All Three of Your Attention Centres. Only from this Awakened State can you wield and compose reality, your layer of the True Quantum Field~Creation Field Universe, aligned with Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Coordination.

This is Spiritual Awakening.

This is Spiritual



This course is a private 90-minute 1:1 session with Marja West recorded on Zoom. You will learn the basic skills necessary for truly Waltzing in and out of the Matrix undetected in preparation for Exiting the Matrix permanently. 

Suggested Donation: $285

Please email me at to register and receive instructions on payment details.

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