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Prenatal ~ In Utero Trauma DeActivation:

The Gynocracy as fronted by man-hating feminists, depends upon its controls immediately following conception—the fertilisation of the ovum and sperm. The 9-month ~ 36-week gestation/ developmental period in utero of a human fetus/ baby is a major inoculation period of mind control and deception, based on unexamined psychic DNA, aka collective pain-body of the injustices and abuses of humanity throughout our history, in addition to hand-me-down DNA and tribal imprinting from mother and father lineages, along with the emotional-energetic-mental-physiological / physical-psychological-psychic states and experiences-attitudes of the mother throughout her pregnancy, and the atavism that gets triggered by pop culture and its attitudes regarding pregnancy.

As a woman and mother, I’m perplexed how women can be resentful, hateful victims of the children we conceive, birth, raise, etc. Think about it. Women have much to answer for, and the deceptions that give women a pass and carte blanche to be abusive, neglectful, and evil toward their children are unconscionable. 


Carl Jung said, “All children are tasked with the unfinished business of their parent’s lives.”



1.    Six 2-Hour Session Package (Six session minimum), $1850 prepaid to book/schedule and save $400. 

2.   Two 2-Hour Session Package (Two sessions minimum), $650 prepaid to book/schedule and save $100. 

3.   Single One-Off Healing sessions: $375/session prepaid to book/schedule each session.

Please email me directly at to ask your questions, register, schedule, and receive payment details.

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