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Love, Truth, and Beauty

The *Go-To*   ...  non-Woo-Woo  ...  non *New Age Bullshit* hub for straight-up talk and practical tips on Spiritual Awakening, Trauma DeActivation~DeArmouring, in accordance with Natural Law!

Welcome to the Official Site of Marja West

Trauma-Based Mind Control DeActivator, Author, non-guru lineage Spiritual Teacher of the Hermetic Principles ~ Natural Law, Divine Love Agent Provocateur, and Medical Intuitive.
Welcome my Beloved Waking Gods and Goddesses!

WTF is

Waking Up?

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From Victim to Victorious Blog
Important Considerations for Your Awakening​​
Now, More than ever,

Divine Love and Spiritual Awakening are essential to the survival of humanity. In this fast-paced world of techie-toys, instant messages, unconscionable greed, appalling indifference, and unspeakable violence, it is the Heart-Based New Humanity,


leading the way to conscious awareness. Ignoring life's intense ups and downs is no longer an option. In F'd Wide Open, author Marja West explores the challenges of living life while developing Divine Love in our relationships and facing the horrors of today's world. She addresses the dark feelings, thoughts, and triggers we work so hard to ignore or deny. West provides a no-holds-barred boot camp, offering practical, no-nonsense advice and embodied, advanced spiritual wisdom of the highest order. This guide seeks to help you remember who and what you are: one of the grand creators and the free energy source of the Universe. You can reclaim the depths of your Divine Nature as a creator of reality and allow enlightenment to illuminate your path of evolutionary growth, change, and expansion. Invite the Divine to live in you; F'd Wide Open can show you how.

...From My Readers...

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“F’d Wide Open is a brilliant and inspiring handbook for Awakening into a Heart-Based New Humanity and the Truth of Who We Really Are.

~ Robert Han Bishop PhD, Transforming Reality Talk Show

Marja West speaks of a truth so bright, so illuminating that your soul will feel the very essence of itself being heard."

~Tara Marino, Elegant Femme

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“In her new book, Marja West reminds us that there's nowhere to get to, that every moment is an expression of The Divine within and without."

~ Brick Thornton, Yoga & Fitness Instructor

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“Marja West invites us all to awaken to the love we truly are—undistracted by our lists of all the things to do.

~ Marci Shimoff, Author of Happy For No Reason

Where your Pain, Traumas, Suffering & Dramas

are Golden Gateways to Waking Up and Staying Awake

-- So you can Live your Sensual Life...

And ROCK it on YOUR terms


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