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Ancestral Generational Deactivation Healing


Are you done already??

When it comes to awakened HUMANS putting a STOP to the seductive forever Wheel of Karma and Incarnations as engineered by the-powers-that-wanna-be Overloards to ensure their food source ad infinitum via all humanity’s loosh or life force creative energies into eternity, within tribal lineages in all timeline directions, including past lives, future lives, composite timelines, and parallel timelines, Ancestral Generational Trauma Healing is the way to go so that the buck really does STOP with you. 

It only takes one conscious person in any tribal lineage to create a domino effect in all directions that will upgrade the energetics of your ancestral lineage, but be wary and realise that your ancestral line is in part—for better or worse—a honey trap or snake pit to keep you from exiting the Matrix, for real. 

Not all of us have loving family ties. Most of us carry Generational Trauma that is toxic and evil for a life-sucking eternity. It’s important not to cling to “making it right” by re-upping another incarnation in your efforts to be the ancestral saviour.

Fuck That Shit.

Many of my clients and students are in the “This is my LAST lifetime” track, having concluded that the nefarious makings of the Matrix world are simply a TRAP that perpetuates reincarnation in infinitum and keeps humans enslaved, unable to exit the Matrix upon death—barring access to the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe. 

The above being said, the DeActivation of family karmas, agreements—known and unknown, generational curses, evil family secrets of sex abuse and criminality, mandates of poverty, and hand-me-down declarations like “All women in our family get breast cancer” are not only possible, but you can also rewrite your family legacy and tell a different story. At the very least, you can detach yourself energetically and on a soul level from the collective family karmas and dramas and move on—all the while appreciating the gifts and downloads received from beyond this Matrix prison planet—downloaded from your True Divine Family that I assure you is cheering you on to exit the Matrix once and for all finally.

Suggested Donation:


1.    Six 2-Hour Session Package (Six session minimum), $1850 prepaid to book/schedule and save $400. 

2.   Two 2-Hour Session Package (Two sessions minimum), $650 prepaid to book/schedule and save $100. 

3.   Single One-Off Healing sessions: $375/session prepaid to book/schedule each session.

Please email me at to ask questions, register, schedule, and receive payment instructions.

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