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About Healing Programs & Packages:


All Trauma DeActivation~DeArmouring offerings utilise Traumas as Gateways to Waking Up and Exiting the Matrix, in addition to the study and application of the Hermetic Principles to uplevel the mindset and rewrite one’s, Life Story.

Wielding the wisdom of the Divine within you through Absolute Balanced Mastery™ (ABM™)—the cutting edge, Trauma DeActivating ~ Trauma DeArmouring | energy aligning | healing technology and protocol, transmitted to and pioneered into action by Marja West in 1987, this powerful modality deprograms all trauma-based | lack-based mind control. It aligns the Heart (feelings, emotions), Mind (thoughts, beliefs which are practised thoughts), and Body (action, active stillness aka nonaction) with your True Divine Nature as Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience.

Through Direct Inquiry, ABM™ is powered by a comprehensive methodology that engages the Divine Within through a precise and simplest form of dowsing-muscle testing-kinesiology and addresses the entirety of the Human Energy Field and the physical Body via:

  • Auric Field

  • Chakra System

  • Meridian System

  • In addition to inquiries into one’s particular brands of mind control through excavating limiting thoughts/beliefs / tribal/religious/educational/pop-culture-societal mind-control constructs

  • Traumas in the current life

  • Past lives and composite/future timelines 

Healing Programs & Packages:


All healing sessions are prepaid. There are three options for tuition payments for healing sessions. All packages are renewable for deeper work.

  1. Single One-Off Healing sessions: $375/session prepaid to book/schedule each session. 

  2. Two 2-Hour Session Package (Two sessions minimum), $650 prepaid to book/schedule and save $100. 

  3. Six 2-Hour Session Package (Six session minimum), $1850 prepaid to book/schedule and save $400. 


All healing sessions are in person or by phone/Skype/Zoom. 


Because of the unpredictable nature of trauma healing, sessions are generally between 75-90 minutes long. Please allow for up to two hours.

Each session is recorded via Zoom, and tuition includes journalling homework, reading assignments, and a ten-minute check-in via phone after the integration period for the session is completed.

All Tuition payments are accepted through Zelle, Venmo, bank transfer, and PayPal using the Friends & Family Tab.

Please note: Due to our limited availability, all sessions are prepaid. We have a non-negotiable 48-hour Cancellation Policy. There are no refunds or make-ups for missed appointments.


I am not a doctor, therapist, or counsellor. I am a spiritual mentor and energy healing facilitator. With direct assistance from your True Divine Self and your Body’s intelligence, I help show you *How To* heal yourSelf from your traumas and abuse so you can transform your life and evolve from *Victim to Victorious.* This work engages the Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Coordination approach to wellness, immensely valuable and complementary to traditional psychotherapy. I recommend you do your research/due diligence to seek a reputable licensed therapist. Thank you in advance for being awesome, curious, and brave and for taking responsibility for yourSelf.

We do not address symptoms directly or diagnose or treat physical conditions. The energy healing modalities of Absolute Balanced Mastery™, Bioenergy Balancing®, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Breathwork modalities, acupressure, energy work, energy healing, energy medicine, emotional-energetic healing, transurfing reality, dowsing/kinesiology/muscle testing and meridian work give your Body’s Divine intelligence a voice that guides the dissolving and DeActivating of unresolved emotions/feelings, thoughts/beliefs, and traumas of the past. These alternative and complementary healing modalities are NOT substitutes for professional medical and psychological care. 

Please click the following links for program details:

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