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Oscar C. Perez, Ph. D. Review
​​Toltec Wisdom Teacher, Strategic Intervention Coach
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Marja West is awesome. This book is a testament to it. In this book, Marja dives deep into her life experiences and the wisdom she has gained through them. As an author, healer, and spiritual teacher, Marja has a direct and honest way of expressing herself that few people have the courage to achieve.  


Over the last twenty years or so I have studied the practices and literature of several spiritual traditions. In this book, I have found the deepest insights of those two decades of study, as well as exercises and resources to take my own self-awareness to the next level.  


Her explanation of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine is a wonderful guide to how these energies and the dysfunction influence our lives. Using the exercises that Marja provides at the end of each chapter will undoubtedly help each of us gain a level of awareness that will positively impact every area of our lives and the lives of those around us.  


At the same time, Marja is unabashedly direct in her position on well, everything. This in itself is a beautiful, refreshing thing to find in an author. Marja has the courage to call out the misinformation and ego-driven nonsense that permeates modern consensus reality in a way that is thought-provoking and often hilarious. I laughed my way through many parts of this book out of the sheer joy of witnessing Marja calling out the types of BS that have served to misdirect the growth of humanity while claiming to do the opposite. This is a brilliant, beautiful, and honest book of wisdom. I can't wait for the next two.

— Oscar C. Perez, Ph. D.

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“This book is sure to inspire a genuine awakening that draws us closer into our own Divine Essence—rather than the programming of the old Patriarchal system and the New Age deceptions.

- Laura M. Eisenhower, 

cosmic historian & whistleblower

Marja West speaks of a truth so bright, so illuminating that your soul will feel the very essence of itself being heard."

~Tara Marino, Elegant Femme

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“In her new book, Marja West reminds us that there's nowhere to get to, that every moment is an expression of The Divine within and without."

~ Brick Thornton, Yoga & Fitness Instructor

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