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Trauma Cage #2: The Heart Cage

Trauma Cage #2: The Heart Cage

All Trauma, including the most egregious of Trauma-Based Mind Control, is anchored in the take-over of the Mind-Heart-Body, which disconnects these three aspects of The Flesh from The Soul as the Divine having a human experience on the Physical Plane—here to create moving, formless into form in the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe—outside of the Matrix.

Trauma-based Mind Control hijacks the Human Energy Field, which weakens the Auric Field’s protective capabilities. This eventually allows foreign invaders/low vibrational entities of ill-intent to penetrate and affect the physical body, along with its organs and tissues, blood fluids and bones—and the Superpowers of the 7 Chakras.

Because of the amnesia of our conditioned human enslavement within the Matrix—our Divine Powers are entirely forgotten and neutered through the infiltration of our Human Energy Field and then attacking the Chakra System, which, in totality, disconnects us from our Divine Creative Powers and Chakra Codes of Creativity held in the Superpowers of each Chakra that connects us to Cosmic Source Energy—God-Goddess-All-That-Is and Earth Energies—that of Gaia and the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

Remember: The World IS NOT THE PLANET. The World is The Matrix. The Planet is a physical Expression within and of the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe. The World and The Matrix are satanic inversions of the Planet and the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

The Matrix has mind-controlled most hoomans since time immemorial through fear, violence, and the ongoing threat of pain of death to forget or deny their Divinity.

The First Trauma Cage is called The Mind Cage, which consists of the human head, skull, brain, hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, sinuses, throat, voice box, neck, endocrine systems, and the highly compromised Superpowers of the 7th, 6th and 5th Chakras.

Once the Matrix has command of the 7th, 6th, and 5th Chakras, Mind Control is well-established in the Mind Cage, leading us to the Second Trauma Cage, the Heart Cage.

The powers-that-wanna-be establishes the 2nd Trauma cage, the Heart Cage, by first taking command of our 5th Chakra Throat/communication centre. Our Throat Chakra governs our Superpowers of Truth and Divinely Inspired Communication—affecting our voice and word. This Chakra is where we freely express and speak our Truth and share and walk our talk about our brilliant ideas and fondest dreams/intentions to one and all, including advocating for ourselves verbally: Invoking the lost word of NO and being impeccable with our Yesses or having the ability to ask for help.

With our inner and outer voices silenced or having words and manmade laws shoved down our throats, waterboarding notwithstanding, we are mind controlled to override our innate advocation of ourselves and surrender authority to mind control and the powers-that-wanna-be.

This Trauma Cage, the Heart Cage, hijacks the superpowers of 5th, 4th, and 3rd Chakras and subjects all emotions and feelings, including all innate and relevant reactivity~responses, furthers and deepens disconnection from the soul where the claws of trauma-based mind control by the powers-that-wanna-be within the Matrix tear away at our Sovereignty and Physical expressions of Divine Love.

The Heart Cage blocks the embodiment and full-on realised expression of The Heart-Based New Humanity in the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

Mind control of the Mind and Heart Cages weaponises all Woundology from the slightest to the most egregious of traumas, ensuring victim consciousness and victim-perpetrator polarities with their associations.

Wants, needs, and all the dark emotions of lesser virtues are weaponised.

I love this quote from George Orwell’s 1984 that points to the bottom line of the oppressors who leave no stone unturned to disempower and divide us come hell or high water, by trick or by storm, through the most egregious of horrific violence or through seductive, beguiling ways.:

“They fear Love because it creates a world they can’t control.”

So, because we are The Heart-Based New Humanity, Our Fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra, is The Gateway to Conscious Presence on Earth. The Heart Chakra governs our Superpower of Divine and Embodied Love and our Inspired Passionthe driving force behind our brilliant ideas and fondest dreams/intentions, so they are heartfelt and Heart-Based. The Heart Chakra is the Bridgeway between Reality’s Spiritual and Physical realms. The higher spiritual centres connect us to the Divine and lower chakras, connecting us to the physical plane of manifestation. The Heart Chakra also allows expression and embodiment of our Superpowers of Empathy and Compassion—starting with ourSelves. We can forgive ourselves and forgive others. This is where True Power is nurtured. Listen to your Heart.

The powers-that-wanna-be, formerly humans, are now overrun by lower-vibrational demonic entities, even though they are no more special than any of us regular hoomans because they are adept and knowledgeable of our collective history (the real and the controlled bullshit narrative they utilise to control modern-day humans), and understand the energetic of the collective pain-bodies of human-suffering throughout time, and are knowledgeable masters of the Laws of the Universe—they hunger for total control. Humanity’s total enslavement guarantees a continuous energetic food supply of human creativity, yielding obedient human slaves willing to remain spectators to the elite who populate po(o)p culture.

Our heart organ is not just physical—it is metaphysical and is a most powerful healer and most potent of Trauma DeActivation where our hearts, fueled by the superpowers of the Heart Chakra—can dissolve the most egregious of hurt and pain and traumas from all timeframes. The Heart can reset our love template and quotient by utilising tears, restoring our Hearts to their original Divine State.

So, I want you to say aloud the qualities affected by this Second Trauma Cage: The Heart Cage,

  • Jealousy/envy/covetousness No empathy, a Cold black heart—leading many who’ve suffered the most egregious of trauma-based mind control and abuse and neglect to de-evolve into Secondary psychopaths.

  • No forgiveness. No loving intent

  • Unconditional love and Generosity care with consciousness are replaced with Stingey/hoarding/withholding/Conditional and/transactional.

  • Undeserving of healthy relationships and love

  • Leanings to toxic, violent, abusive, controlling relationships/ tends to be an abuser

  • The advocation of victim-perpetrator—master-slave dynamics

  • Lack/limitation

  • Heaviness/Sorrow/Heartbreak/resentment/Pain loneliness/abandonment/rejection/dejection—affecting the Lungs, the ability to breathe in life, and love, the inability to let go of loss, to accept a loss, or having all loss be an indictment to one’s worthiness and character.

  • Betrayal/losing trust/suspicious

  • Liar/dishonesty/mean-spirited/cruel

  • Sacrifice/ blood ritual sacrifice—coveting the Consumption of a human heart—some humans practice this to steal power for themselves through the pain and suffering and brutal torture of another.

  • Purity version tainted

  • Nurturing Can you put yourself in another’s shoes

  • Revenge/vengeance

  • Hate/Judgement/Criticism

  • Payback

  • Cruelty/sadism/masochism/vindictive

  • torture

  • To love and be loved

  • Intimacy/vulnerability

  • Guarded

  • Jaded

  • Self-love, self-care, self-esteem

  • Cut off

  • Manipulative

  • User poseur

What does Unconditional Love mean to you—what does it look like to you?

Power over others’ right to their Sovereignty and autonomy. This leads us to the Third Chakra, which houses our Sovereignty and Autonomy.

Our Third Chakra (Power Center) – is the Seat of Our Soul and governs our Superpower of Divinely Inspired Will to maintain our individual, respective Sovereignty, our personal power, to conserve our resources—acknowledge limitations and expansiveness, and create our soul’s purpose, our ability to see our value and contribute to the expansion of the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe.

Affirm The Superpowers of the Third Chakra:

  • Decision-making with confidence/conviction

  • Be my true authentic self

  • I use my power for good

  • I accept myself unconditionally

  • The Universe takes good care of me in every way

  • I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I grow from them

  • I am motivated to purpose my true purpose

  • I release the need to control and control others

  • I am ambitious and capable of whatever I desire for my highest good

  • I choose inner peace and satisfaction daily

  • I am confident in my ability to succeed

  • I am not a victim

  • I am empowered; I am Sovereign

  • I have high self-esteem and believe I am valuable

  • I am confident that the Universe will see me through

  • Everything I need I have within

  • My soul speaks to me and guides me

  • I am worthy and capable of achieving my dreams

  • I know what I need to do to be my best self.

In Reality Creation, our Power Chakra also governs our Superpowers to plug into the true Quantum Field Creation Field Universe and Magnetise all the assistance and connections required to birth your brilliant ideas and fondest dreams/intentions into actual materialised Reality. Acting upon our Inspired Will allows us to take action and trust our gut feelings.

The Attachment to Left Right Center paradigms and divisiveness of moral relativism are some of the hallmarks of power chakra disempowerment.

With the Third Chakra—Our Power Center/Seat of our Soul hijacked, along with our inability to love and access empathy, and our inner and outer voice silence—we lose the ability to speak up, request assistance, stand up for ourselves and defend ourselves from harm. Energetically we are sucker-punched, doubled over from continuous pain and suffering, and many humans gutted. Human slavery requires succumbing to the controllers, fearful and terrified to be anything other than obedient to the whims of masters outside ourselves.

The power usurped through the Heart Cage is beyond measure. The powers-that-wanna-be know all too well the value of disconnecting us from our True Loving Nature as Love-in-a-body, as Grand Creators. the forgetfulness of who and what we are as Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience—here to create Formless into Form for our respective benefits. The Matrix expands according to the ongoing drainage of Human Creative and Loving energies.

Our awakening, exiting the Matrix and DeActivation of all traumas expands the True Quantum Field Creation Field Universe—because we remember who and what we are as Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience, here to create formless into form.

That’s it for now. Next up is Trauma Cage #3: The Body Cage.

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