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Absolute Balanced Mastery™

Trauma DeActivation|DeArmouring Practitioner Training Course


My Basic Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Trauma DeActivation Practitioner Training Certification is now in three parts. Here's the general overview:


Part 1: Energy Kung Fu Mastery~Psychic Self-Defence: $2500 Suggested Donation prepaid, or eight payments of $400 due before scheduled teaching session ~ 8 Modules ~ 16 hours of 1:1 Instruction with Marja West:


Module One: The True Quantum Field Universe vs The Matrix

  • The Nature of Reality

  • The Nature of Creativity

  • Three Attention Centres

  • Attention Management & Exiting The Matrix

  • The Trap to Reincarnate


Module Two: Energy Anatomy: The Human Auric Energy Field

  • Light Body

  • Etheric Body

  • Causal Body

  • Mental Body

  • Emotional Body

  • Health-Template

  • Physical Body


Module Three: The 7 Chakras—Their Gifts & Meanings

  • 7 Sahasrara-Crown

  • 6 Ajna-Third Eye

  • 5 Vishudda-Throat

  • 4 Anahata-Heart

  • 3 Manipura-Power

  • 2 Svadisthana-Sex

  • 1 Muladhara Base

  • Clearing & Re-energising


Module Four: The Meridian System

  • 5 Element Theory

  • Creation-Destruction Cycles

  • Bladder/Kidney

  • Gall Bladder/Liver

  • Circulation~Sex/Triple Warmer

  • Lung/Large Intestine

  • Stomach/Spleen-Pancreas

  • Hear/Small Intestine

  • Governing/Central Vessel

  • Clearing & Re-energising


Module 5: The Three Trauma Cages Overview

  • The Mind Cage

  • The Heart Cage

  • The Body Cage


Module 6: The Protocols of Putting It All Together, Part One

  • Your Preparations & Time Management 

  • Client Intake

  • Calibrating & Setting Up and Sealing Sacred Healing Space

  • Sacred Body Dialogue~Divine Inquiry

  • Clearing technologies~Muscle Testing-Dowsing~Working with Grids-Crystals~Sounds~Toning

  • Safety protocols


Module 7: The Protocols of Putting It All Together, Part Two

  • Planes of Existence-Alternative Realities & Densities

  • Dimensions~Realities

  • Past Lives~Future Lives~Composite LIfelines~

  • Timelines

  • Possession-Dealing with Entities and Demons

  • Practice Sessions


Module 8: The Protocols of Putting It All Together, Part Three

  • Working with Clients

  • Working with Pets and Animals

  • Remote Sessions

  • Staying Safe

  • Boundaries

  • Agreements


Part Two: Sexual Shadow Work Initiation: $650 Suggested Donation prepaid or two payments of $375 due before the scheduled teaching session.


Two 2-hour private sessions with Marja West addressing Anima~Animus, Masculine~Feminine  and sexual desires, wants, needs, aversions, repulsions, Victim-Perpetrator, Master-Slave, Dominant-Submission dynamics, etc.


Part Three: Reality Creation Review: $650 Suggested Donationprepaid or two payments of $375 due before the scheduled teaching session.


Two 2-hour private sessions with Marja West reviewing Exiting the Matrix~Spiritual Awakening, The Hermetic Principles, Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption--Path of Least Action, Goals & Doors, Shadow Work, Journalling as Fast-Track to Waking Up and Staying Awake, Revisioning & Reverse-Engineering Reality.


The following Modules are not mandatory but are available upon request to expand your skillset in Trauma DeActivation|DeArmouring:


  • Prenatal-In Utero Trauma Healing Module

  • Environmental & Food Allergy Module

  • Sexual Abuse Healing Module

  • SRA|Cult Abuse Module

  • Attention Management Module


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