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Get F'd Wide Open ...

The Book, Right Here!

“Marja West's F’d Wide Open is a brilliant and inspiring handbook for Awakening into a Heart-Based New Humanity and the Truth of Who We Really Are..."

Robert Han Bishop PhD, Transforming Reality Talk Show


~ About the Second Edition of F'd Wide Open ~

I felt the weight of The Divine calling me to spill it— like it was my moral obligation to tell-it-like-it-is, showing from my firsthand experience: Yes! You can utilise energy healing and emerge Victorious from trauma-based mind control/sex abuse and spiritually awaken. Since being Spiritually Awake is our natural state, any pretense of "special-ness" attached to it is New Age Bullshit, and has to go.  

Kindle Version of F'd Wide Open Now Available to You at Amazon

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