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Once Upon A Time, I was a ManEater…

By: Marja West

Once upon a time, I was a bonafide Maneater. This image was me and various iterations of me when I was overrun by Self-hate and my overly critical inner-Feminine, resulting in emasculating and enraging my already out-of-balanced-inner-Masculine... He couldn’t do anything right for Her or for me. Self-love, Brutal-Self-honesty, Self-healing, and Self-responsibility yielded Self-awareness and a Very Rude Awakening to my own Toxic Feminine and Toxic Masculine energies and behaviours. From within, I chose to Stand Down from my programmed warring and divisive nature—my personalised expression of the Matrix ~ powers-that-wanna-be and their arsenal of Divide & Conquer Mind Control agendas, like The War of the Sexes. Unifying my Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine: There is NO war between my Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine. All Divide & Conquer Mind Control agendas are healed and integrated within YOU so you can Free Yourself from the Matrix, Wake Up, and waltz stealth-fully in and out of the Matrix undetected. Stop falling for Matrix shitstems of Divide & Conquer by falling for their divide and Weaponised Woundology tactics that get us to hate each other.

Be yourself and allow everyone else to be different from you.


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