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Does Your Aura Need Healing? Tips on How To Do it Yourself!

By: Marja West

DIY Energy Healing & Energy Mastery Tips For The Heart-Based New Humanity—Where modern men and women embody Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life…

Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing is very simple, but it’s been overlaid with a lot of convoluted New Age Bullshit mystery and controls that have distorted its accessibility, efficacy, and simplicity, with “woo-woo” nonsense and unnecessary fears.

I offer here and very simple introduction to the Human Energy Field, aka the Aura.

The Human Aura has 7 layers that begin from the physical body itself, and move out from the body and surrounds the body. Imagine these layers surrounding the body as egg-shaped or an elongated sphere.

The 1st layer I like to call Our Health Template (about 1-4 inches from the body’s skin surface). All energies that get lodged in this layer, can eventually become manifest within the physical body as some dysfunction expressing itself—like a cyst for example.

The 2nd layer I call The Emotional Body—this is where other people’s emotions and their reactivity to you get lodged in your energy field—you know when you have a feeling that you’re being slimed? On the other hand, whenever you have an emotional reaction to someone and it doesn’t get fully acknowledged or expressed—you too can inadvertently “slime” someone with your own emotional ca-ca. We all do it, so let’s forget the guilt and just be aware that the more awake you are—the more you will not be allowed to get away with auto-pilot unconscious habituated reactions. We have evolved from knee-jerk reactivity to conscious awareness and response-ability. Deal?

The 3rd layer I call The Astral Body—this layer directly interfaces with the Astral Plane or the dream world—many folks reside here in this realm than on planet Earth, particularly the folks who are often stuck in dream-time day-dreaming, and not at all present.

The 4th layer I call The Causal Body—this layer of the Auric field is directly related to cause and effect—the consequences of our actions or inactions. The Heart-Based New Humanity is all about Self-Responsibility—regardless of whether or not you believe in dharma and/or karma.

The 5th layer I call The Mental Body—this is where all thoughts directed at you from an outside source gets absorbed, and just like with the emotional projections from other folks—you, too can inadvertently slime someone else with your mental judgments, criticisms and reactions about them. Once again, don’t beat yourSelf up—just notice what you’re up to. This is also the layer where information from the Higher Mental Plane can be downloaded and accessed.

The 6th layer I call The Light Body—this is essentially our physical body’s Divine Light signature. Each one of us has a unique Divine Light signature; we are each physical expressions of the Divine. How cool is that?

The 7th layer I call The Spiritual Body—this is the layer that directly accesses our alignment with the totality of the Cosmos. Joni Mitchell’s lyrics from her famous song ‘Woodstock’—“WE are Stardust, we are Golden…” beautifully expresses this connection clearly, the master singer-songwriter was being factual and poetic—every element on Earth, except for the lightest, was created from the heart of a massive star.

Can I geek out here for a moment?? According to LSU physicist, Edward Zganjar (pronounced sky-ner), the heaviest elements — such as gold, lead and uranium—were produced in a supernova explosion during the cataclysmic end of a huge star’s life. “Those elements were ejected into space by the force of the massive explosion, where they mixed with other matter and formed new stars, some with planets such as Earth. That’s why the Earth is rich in these heavy elements. The iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones were all forged in such stars. We are made of stardust.” (ScienceDaily 25 June 1999)

DIY Energy Healing & Energy Mastery Tip #1

Think about what a typical day for yourself entails:

  • all the things you do.

  • all the people you interact with—people you know, strangers, acquaintances, authority figures, your kids, your exes, your tribe, social media—online or live, including their thoughts, judgments, and feelings about you, along with all of your stuff regarding them.

  • all the places you go to via various modes of transport—by foot, by bicycle, by bus, by car, by train, by helicopter, by plane, or psychically, virtually, through the web, through your smart phones.

That’s quite a lot of interaction with lots of different kinds of energies—animate and inanimate—and situations and circumstances beyond your control like traffic and the weather. There’s a lot going on that’s under the wire and unseen, but that doesn’t mean these energies have not impacted you or your physical body, and your energy system in some form, shape, or fashion.

There’s also all the environmental energies and riff raff from our digital techie toys, continual exposure to wifi, the smart meters in our homes, pollution, chemtrails, pollen, germs through physical contact, airborne viruses, and other contaminants.

Everything is energy and energy is not static, it’s dynamic, and then there’s this Law of Physics that states that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

I get asked all the time about a simple way to clear and “detox” yourself from the day of any unwanted energies that may be clinging to your energy field or aura.

The following is a very simple and easily implemented DIY Energy Healing ritual that will clear any interference and balance your energies to prepare you for a good night’s rest:

One easy way to spark your Energy Mastery work can be done with a candle or your mind's eye, or both! Before you go to bed do this ritual of clearing your auric field (which is the area surrounding your body out to 3-6 ft). Light a candle or invoke a grid of electric violet light in the entire room.

Take your hands or a crystal and sweep the area all around your body until there is no resistance or sensations. You can experiment with tuning into the various layers of the Aura that were introduced, starting at the outermost layer—the 7th layer or Spiritual Body, and slowly clearing the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st layers. Magnify your trust. You will feel all the energy projections of thoughts and other people in these layers.

Run your hands and/or the crystal over the candle flame and with your intention send these energies into the flame, or allow the grid of electric violet light to dissolve these energies and attachments, consciously sending them back to their sources.

You will feel lighter.

Once you’ve cleared these energies, consciously call back all YOUR energies that may have leaked out to other people, places, past or future time frames, and things during the course of your day. You will feel your energy field anchor back into your body.

Give thanks to your body. Blow out the candle.

Amplify your enjoyment in your body and have a great night’s sleep.

This DIY Energy Healing ritual is balancing and so simple and so effective. Engaging this practice nightly is very powerful. Go for it! Take charge of your energy.


Happy Discoveries!! xoxo

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