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My Emotional Spectrum - Where am I ?

By: Marja West

What you FEEL is what YOU ATTRACT - Tips for Mastering your Attractor Pattern and changing the energy you're emitting.

Here is my very own sample list of the Emotional Scale, inspired by the Abraham-Hicks teachings from the book Ask and It is Given :

1. Love/Joy/Bliss/Ecstasy

2. Passion/Enthusiasm/Appreciation/Rockin’It

3. Happy/Eager/Psyched/Stoked

4. Anticipation/Positive Expectancy/Empowered/Excited

5. Optimism/Confidence/I Got This!

6. Hopeful/Faith/Belief

7. Contentment/Satisfaction

8. Boredom/Over It/Done, Already

9. Pessimism/Fuck This Shit

10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience/Annoyance

11. Overload/Overwhelm/Confusion

12. Disappointment/Yearning/Longing

13. Doubt/Skeptical

14. Worry/Obsessive-Compulsive/Restless/Tweaked

15. Blame/Fuck You

16. Discouragement/Let Down/Pining/Sadness

17. Anger/Pissed Off/Fuck Off

18. Revenge/Vengeance/Spite

19. Rage/Hatred/Fucked Up

20. Jealousy/Envy/Covetous/Resentment

21. Insecure/Unworthy/Guilty/Crushed/Powerless/Loser

22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Shame/Betrayed/Fucked


Applying and Practicing the Emotional Scale begins with understanding your frequency & vibration and learning about activating parts of your psyche that affect them.

Working the Emotional Scale is all about moving energy (raising your frequency/vibration) by activating and engaging your Superpower of Focus and learning to reach for better feeling thoughts.

Depression is at the lowest vibrational frequency level, and since you cannot jump from Depression to Bliss in one fell swoop, you can move up incrementally to feelings of Insecurity (one step above) or Rage (three steps above), which have more energy and movement than Depression.

Whatever you choose, your choice has to feel real for you, so be true to what you can reach for, even if it’s just one baby step up—— that’s huge progress on your journey of Mastering your Emotional Spectrum.

My own story:

Whenever I feel Bored (which is rare), I instantly know that all I need to do to flip the switch is to engage my Superpower of Focus and reach for better feeling thoughts that allow me to tap into feelings of Contentment and Satisfaction, which are one step just above Boredom.

By simply appreciating the contrasting moment that is presenting itself (Boredom)—I realise it’s there to remind me to tap into the Truth of how well I am actually doing.

Having done my Great Inner Work over so many years, I have quite a toolkit of *go-to* touchstones –like the Practice of Appreciation through keeping a daily Appreciation Journal—which I can automatically engage, that instantly flips my emotional outlook, improving my Emotional Countenance—which in turn raises my frequency/vibration, making me more magnetic to more of the good stuff I want.

Before I mastered my Superpower of Focus the following was a typical downhill slide into my personalised hell:

As a child, having been raised by a single mother who was a Fear-monger meets Worry Wart meets Debbie Downer meets Man-hating Critic meets the World is an unsafe place meets My life sucks and it’s all your fault, Marja —ohh my fucking God, I absorbed all this negativity and projection from her, so I was doomed to feel like the worst piece of shit alive, underserving and awful, and Believe It to be true! (Can you hear those poor-me victim violins playing softly in the background as you read this???)

Luckily, I had a very strong Inner Rebel, who advocated for me—She was the one who stuck her tongue out at my mother or gave her the finger, after getting bitched out, or whatever. 😊

But, that Rebel was sometimes AWOL MIA.

(If you're unfamiliar with military jargon, that's Absent Without Leave, and Missing in Action).

If there was a worse-case scenario, I could out-do that with the worst of the worst, and then some. At an early age, my Powers of Manifestation were exemplary, I could work magic, at will, but if I was in an emotional tizzy and being bratty, and complaining that I was Bored, and going in the direction of everything not being “good enough”—all things negative, all things horrifying, and all things dramatic would manifest quickly!

My life’s history had proven that if I didn’t nip that shit in the bud and get off of my bratty attitude, my *not-good-enough-Boredom* would soon degenerate into Pessimism >> which would down step into Confusion >> which would then send me down into Doubt >> then I’d go down to feeling Tweaked >> which would send me down into Self-hate >> then down into Guilt >> then finally getting me to really feel like shit via Shame >> then all the way hitting rock bottom—down to wanting to Kill Myself.

So, review the above, and follow my story as I apply the Emotional Scale, notice how my Emotional Countenance falls.

It sucks to me when that shit goes down.

Remember, your Emotional Countenance is essentially the energy you’re emitting, and that energy you are emitting is your ATTRACTOR PATTERN—In other words, what you feel is what you attract.

So, Master Your Emotions, by Mastering your Superpower of Focus, and reaching for better feeling thoughts!!

Playing with the Emotional Scale and having fun with it is a great way to practice. Soon you’ll discover how easily you can shift your vibration and raise your energies whilst closing the gap between your physical Self and your Eternal Non-Physical Self! Remember, that is the True Ascension.

You. Got. This.

Magnify your Badassery! Feels sooooo good, right!?

Happy Discoveries!

Feel free to email us with any of your questions at

Xoxo, Marja

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