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What's So Special About Your Divinity in the Flesh?

By: Marja West

Your Superpower of Divine Manifestation is activated and embodied through your First Chakra, also known as the Base Chakra, Root Chakra, Survival Center, Instinctual Center or Muladhara Chakra.

It is located at the base of the spine, between the anus and the genitals. This is the seventh point of entry of the Divine and its creative energies of all that is possible—all things known, to be known, and yet to be discovered!

How to Navigate Basic Instincts & Birthing Your Dreams

This is the 7th input of Divine Inspiration—all your fondest dreams and your brilliant, wacky, leading-edge, far-out ideas from the Divine assigned to you…yes, you, for complete download! And you know it because you’ve seen it, you’ve dreamt it, and you’ve spoken about it easily. From your heart—your passion for it flows, and with divine clarity—you’ve attracted all the assistance, connections, money and how-to information to actually manifest your dreams and intentions…and it all feels sooooo good because now you are birthing these dreams and intentions down into physicality!

  • Your First Chakra (Base Center) governs your Superpowers of Divinely Inspired Manifestation—the actual birthing of your brilliant ideas and fondest dreams into pure physicality, whether you’re birthing a baby, a book, a CD of original music, your dream home, an independent film, or your world service. This center fuels the empowerment and assurance of survival into thriving—mastering and respecting Nature, honouring life, and all relationships; feeling safe in your body and in your surroundings, and if not, defending yourself, perhaps, with lethal force, or running. Manifestation at its highest vibration, in service to one and all.

Honouring Your First Chakra: Your First Chakra’s Gifts and Meanings:

  • The First Chakra is associated with the Earth Element, and represents manifestation of all that is Divine into pure physicality—capable of being perceived by all of our senses.

  • The First Chakra channels and brings in Earth energy up through the soles of the feet.

  • There is an Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Practice of “breathing” through the soles of your feet that mixes Divine Energy coming down into the body from the top of the head with Earth energy entering the body moving up through the soles of the feet. This infusion of Divine and Earth energies imbues the body with a feeling of groundedness and rootedness, and a direct connection to the Divine-Source-God-Goddess-All-That-Is.

  • This rootedness is what leads us into meditative states that lead us to Bliss on Earth, and trust in the Divine and in Life.

  • When we are in this state, we are in alignment with the Divine and tuned into the frequency of planet Earth-Gaia, herself, SHE who is abundant and plentiful in all the resources we may need/require.

  • The First Chakra is associated with a Four-petalled Lotus.

  • It is also associated with Karmic Completion: what you sow—so shall you reap—what goes around, comes around.

How to understand the power your First Chakra wields

and how you can harness this power to allow the fullness of Divine Inspiration into your entire being, allowing the download into your Root Chakra—birthing your intention into pure physicality, from Formless into Form:

  • The First Chakra deals with the basics of living, our safety and security issues: food, clothing, shelter from the elements of Nature—staying warm and dry, or cool and protected from the heat of the sun, and scorching winds; or protection from wild animals and aggressive people, shielded from any and all danger.

  • These issues of safety and survival change with each phase of our lives—safety and security issues of a child are different from that of a teenager, grown up, or senior.

  • Wisdom acquired during adolescence often becomes a reference point for us during adulthood.

  • These issues are directly related to our ability to manifest readily and easily.

  • Our birth traumas often translate into our manifestation process and abilities, as well as being a template for our safety and security issues.

  • As babies we are helpless and the way our mother or caretakers handled our care imprints/influences our First Chakra greatly.

  • From here we become programmed for “Victim Consciousness” which leads to what I call “Weaponised Woundology” aka blaming the world and others for our failures and then utilising these as excuses to perpetrate violence upon others with impunity.

  • Pervasive feelings of insecurity, neediness, feelings of rejection and dejection (as Victim and/or Perpetrator), doomsday enthusiast;

  • And on the empowering side of trusting that the Universe is an abundant and wonderful place, geared up and set up for success.

  • The First Chakra and the Seventh Chakra are closely linked to one another as they govern the physical body’s hormonal system.

  • Unless the First Chakra is well grounded—the Crown Chakra-Seventh Chakra cannot function properly, and vice versa, in that the connection of Divine Energies through our Chakras which feed our Superpowers, up and down the body is impeded and blocked.

  • This translates into various expressions of physical illness and dis-ease.

  • Fight and Flight are important gifts associated with the First Chakra—when faced with any emergency—each of us has a reservoir of physical resources that allows us to stay and fight, or run like the wind.

  • The Adrenal Glands release adrenalin or epinephrine—this gives us the extra power and strength to fight or run away.

  • When the First Chakra is weakened, rather than Fight or Flight—we Freeze.

  • A balanced First Chakra allows us to feel safe and secure, able to be comfortable in a group situation without being domineering or needy.

  • A balanced First Chakra allows us to feel confident and trust our inner guidance and instincts—enabling us to feel in touch with our physical bodies and spirituality.

  • A balanced First Chakra allows us to receive and manifest our intentions into physicality—because we truly believe we are deserving of success and all of what life has to offer.

  • When the First Chakra energy is full—we feel confident, we’re able to take care of ourselves and our basic needs,

  • Survival is assured, we are stabilised—we are able to thrive.

  • We are able to make money, feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, house ourselves, and receive support in our lives, and lend support readily, easily, and in balance to others enthusiastically.

  • When the First Chakra is depleted—we are tentative, unsure of ourselves, not sure we deserve to be here on the planet, we feel at risk—in harm’s way—like something bad is going to happen, for sure.

  • There is a sense of scarcity and deprivation—This is the basis of Poverty Cocnsciousness.

  • There is also a lot of ungroundedness, insecurity, and the constant needs for reassurance from others.

Cording, blocks, interference, and programming we all have in common —all of which prevent the download of Divine Inspiration at the First Chakra:

  • When you are being corded in your First Chakra—someone is projecting/leaking their fears and wants you to be his/her very own personal life support system.

  • This person believes that his/her survival is predicated on you and what you do or don’t do for them.

  • The dependency drains you and the other person.

  • Generally, when you are cording out from your First Chakra—you are reaching out to either rescue someone—you’re pretty much saying, “You cannot survive without me” or “I have to hold you up” or “You have to need me.”

  • On the other hand, perhaps you’re the one in need.

  • This is the basis of co-dependency; it’s a two-way energetic street—there are NO VICTIMS, only specific patterns of unconscious fear and insecurity that directly relate to the physical safety of the body.

  • The fear of not being able to provide the basics and necessities for one’s self and family.

  • The fear that the world is a dangerous and frightening place filled with terrifying people and things, that we are not safe—that at any time a stranger can come to your front door, knock it down and kill you and your family.

  • The insecure feeling that there is no place you can really call “Home” –that you don’t belong anywhere.

  • The fear that comes from not trusting in the Divine and not confident in yourself to “manifest” your goals.

  • The feeling that you are totally isolated and alone and completely unsupported in the world—and no one cares.

  • Feeling totally disconnected and alienated, feeling abandoned, forgotten, banished by your tribal roots and/or community ties.

You know you need to work on your First Chakra when:

  • You feel that you’ve lost trust in Life.

  • You don’t feel comfortable in your body—like it isn’t yours, but someone else’s and it’s only for their benefit. (Kick them to the curb, please)

  • You worry about the future and meeting your obligations—your monthly bills, etc.

  • You are easily overwhelmed by life.

  • You feel chronically tired and have no energy.

  • You don’t exercise or move your body enough or at all.

  • You cannot seem to manifest your intentions or meet your goals no matter what you do.

  • You often feel cold and have cold hands and cold feet.

  • Your digestion isn’t working properly.

  • You have problems with your colon and pooping—pain, bleeding, gas, constipation, diarrhea, parasites, etc.

  • You have chronic low back pain.

  • You suffer from sciatica and throw your back out often.

  • Varicose Veins

  • Rectal difficulties, fistulas, tumours, hemorrhoids, etc.

  • Depression

  • Neediness

  • Constant worrying, anxiety, terror

  • Self-destructive, dangerous, and addictive behavior—drugs, smoking, alcohol, gambling, shopping, sex, violence, etc.

  • Selfishness, narcissism, materialism –the one with the most toys wins—is King/Queen.

  • Bully mentality/sociopath/psychopath—anger, road rage, controlling critical and judgmental outburst toward others, resentfulness-vengeance, aggressiveness, and frustration—entitlement, jealousy and envy of those who seems to get everything they want easily.

  • Tentative, shy, meek, wimpy, wussy, wishy-washy—chest caved in, head down, eyes on the ground, avoidant of eye contact, shoulder sloped and rounded forward.

Suggestions of how to and/or seek assistance to dissolve and heal these blocks, interference, and programming easily

—move yourSelf into the powerful place of manifestation and expression of your deepest gifts made physical—whether it’s a book, a cd, a new home, a fabulous new career, or a loving relationship:

  • Absolute Balanced Mastery™ and other energy healing modalities to work through your tribal/family issues, since the First Chakra deals with the tribe, and enhance your sense of Self, belonging and community.

  • Learn Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Energy Mastery

  • Receive the Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Mastering Manifestation Training

  • Hypnotherapy, Tapping

  • Life coaching

  • Psychotherapy

  • Financial Planner/Counselor—get clear about your relationship with money and wealth—dissolve your “Tribal Lack.”

  • Breathwork—discovering and dissolving your “Birth Script” is extremely powerful work to release and dissolve tribal programming about getting birthed into physicality, birthing traumas.

  • Study books regarding goal setting and manifesting—Ask and it is Given by Abraham-Hicks is a good starting place.

  • Get off your butt and stop making excuses, bust a move, and take action. Exercise regularly! Get physically active. Do something that raises your heart rate and moves your body and therefore moves your energy.

  • Do regular foot massages! Foot massages activate foot Chakras, reflex points, and nourish First Chakra.

  • Engage in the daily practice of breathing in Earth energies through the soles of your feet.

  • Go outside and enjoy nature, if you can walk barefooted. Meditate under a tree, lie down in the sun in the grass, take in some Earth energy into your entire body and enjoy.

  • Take a walk on a beach; get your feet and legs wet in the cold water.

  • Wear Red coloured clothing, surround yourself with red fabrics, red flowers, crystals and beads and jewels, lipstick and make up.

  • Listen to rhythmic music, participate in a drumming circle.

  • Enjoy the sunsets daily.

Gratitude and Appreciation!! —This is the most forgotten step during and after the manifestation process

  • Go up the Chakra System starting from the first Chakra and give thanks and appreciation to all those who’ve helped you along every step of your journey!

  • Give thanks and appreciation to all your Superpowers!!

  • Give daily thanks and Praise to the beauty and abundance that surrounds you!

  • Keep a daily Appreciation Journal.

  • Intend to look for beauty and things to appreciate from moment to moment… and watch your Life transform!

Here are some yoga postures, hand mudras, Flower Essences, crystals & stones that support and nourish the First Chakra and our Superpower of Divine Manifestation.

Yoga Poses:

  • Half-lotus

  • Lying Tree Pose, positions 1 & 2

  • Forward Bends

  • Deep Squat

  • Wind-relieving pose

  • Mountain Pose—Tadasana

  • Fierce Pose—Utkasana

  • Warrior Pose—Virabhadrasana

  • Triangle Pose—Trikonasana

  • Eagle Pose—Garudasana

Hand Mudras:

  • Seputa Mudra—palm over palm—cupped. Fosters serenity and awe with your own treasures and treats—full-on appreciation. Great for balancing what you give with what you receive.

  • Ganesha Mudra—Begin with palm over palm, then slowly move your elbows out to your side and hook your fingers such that they are pressed against each other and hold, breathing deeply through ten breathing cycles. This mudra us known as the “Dissolver of obstacles,” and is of great assistance while facing challenges and struggle. Increases strength and confidence to carry on.

  • Akash Mudra (thumb to middle finger) and Cyan Mudra (thumb to index finger)—strengthens calm and connection to Source.


  • Cloves

  • Rosemary

  • Cypress

  • Cedar

Flower Essences:

  • Clematis (Bach Remedy–pronounced “Batch”: Effective for those of us who are asleep in dreamland. These folks fantasise about a perfect world: They live in their minds, rather than deal with daily life. Airy Fairy impractical folks—they tend to look pale and lack ambition and direction. They tend to sleep a lot. Clematis is great for being awake and in the present. Brings lightness into every day reality—working in the present to manifest dreams into reality.

  • Sweet Chestnut (Bach Remedy): This remedy is for anguish so unbearable—you’re at the end of your line—you are way past being done—you are saturated, your body and mind are giving out. These folks tend to have a longer tether than most and can and will—endure hardships—helps open and expands limits and allows one to tap into hope.

  • Rock Rose (Bach Remedy): The main component of Rescue Remedy—deals with extremes—terror, anxiety, fears, panic attacks, and feeling endangered without knowing why. Gives courage to face terrible events and to see small deaths as part of transformation—part of the growing process of life. Great for Panic attacks.

  • Defend & Protect and/or Shadow Warrior (Living Tree Orchid Essences): great for night terrors. Both these Living Tree Orchid Essences provide deep protection for our spirit and our energetic bodies when external dark energies are pervasive and we feel under siege or under attack. Shadow Warrior helps with the integration of our Shadow Selves—those parts of our personalities ready for healing.

Here are some crystals and stones that assist in opening and stabilising the energies of the First Chakra and our Superpower of Divine Manifestation:

  • Bloodstone

  • Obsidian to calm fears and anxieties

  • Black tourmaline to ground the whirlie-twirlies

  • Red Jasper

  • Smokey Quartz—to calm and ground and anchor the physical body

  • Ruby

  • Garnet

  • Hematite

  • Red Aventurine

  • Red Calcite

  • Rhodonite

  • Emerald to calm

That’s our offering. Xoxo

Please feel free to email us at with any questions.

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