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Top 10 Acts of Self Love

By: Marja West

In this modern-day social landscape filled with narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths, acts of Self-Love can sound like more New Age Bullshit-Near-Naked-Gods-and-Goddesses clad in painted on leathers that show off well-tanned and toned, oiled skin.

Acts of Self-Love

Such imagery reeks of the pretense of Self-indulgent, celebrity Selfie-posing and masturbating to the likeness of an actual 3-D printout doll of your physical Self, minus all your flaws, of course.

Jesting aside, for all intents and purposes, I am actually quite sincere in my bringing up this oddity of a topic. Moreover, allow me to offer up my own personal list; a list I made because it was a homework assignment given to me by a beloved longtime mentor who really wanted me to get this Self-Love thing worked out. God rest your sweet soul, Pearl.

My Top 10 Acts of Self-Love:

  • Turn off all technology and wifi, including those cell phones on a regular basis because you’ve been cured of FOMO.

  • Treat yourSelf as well as you treat others.

  • Master and practice ZERO Tolerance for Bullshit; focus only on people, places, and things that light you up!!

  • Eliminate all foods and substances that have less than stellar consequences on you and your body because you’re worth the best of everything. Remember: you only live once in this body, so take great care of it.

  • It’s quite all right to purge all toxic relationships; forgive yourSelf; forgive them; thank them and wish them well. As you let them go, know you are making room for more of Life’s goodies and delight to flow into your world! (It’s really true!)

  • Acknowledge and Celebrate the baby steps and milestones of your dearest and closest friends and colleagues, and Acknowledge and Celebrate all your baby steps and milestone accomplishments! Magnify your joy and enthusiasm!

  • Surround yourSelf in Love, Truth, and Beauty; and each and every day—Look for Love, Truth, and Beauty everywhere you go.

  • Bust a move and ask for help when you’re feeling stuck, and be ready to Receive with grace. Invest in some of those EASY buttons from Staples and place them strategically all over your house, you’ll be pressing those buttons in no time as ease and grace and help arrive!!!

  • Appreciate your gifts and your life, embody the Divine Treasure you are; replace all that negative Self-talk and Self-doubt with the voices of your friends and biggest cheerleaders double high-fiving and celebrating YOU, reminding you that You Rock!! … and when you catch yourSelf getting all judgmental of yourSelf and others—laugh it off, and appreciate something about yourSelf (and those you’re judging) in that moment. I keep a daily Appreciation journal.

  • Invest in your well-being and in your pleasure, pamper yourSelf with Self-massages and spa treatments, and admire yourSelf—all of yourSelf, give every part of you your love, attention, and appreciation. Write a love note to yourSelf every now and again, buy yourSelf flowers, and take yourSelf out on a date enjoying a meal or doing something you love on a regular basis.

Of course, there are many more Acts of Self-Love. What Acts of Self Love do you practice?? Would love for you to share them. Email us at XOXO

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