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Are You Tired of Spinning Your (Sensual) Wheels?

By: Marja West

Our Sensual Life Wheel is the key to breaking free from Instant Gratification and truly ebodying our Divine Selves!

I am Love, Being

God’s Pleasure Principle wakes

Doing, I Enjoy


The Sensual Life Wheel

I love utilising sacred geometry to convey Divine knowledge and principles, particularly in our day and age of techie toys and instant gratification. The Sensual Life Wheel profoundly illustrates a simple, elegant tool for maintaining balance and consciousness through the mundanity of daily life.

  • Taken directly from Five-Element Chinese Medicine, the Sensual Life Wheel utilises two triangles—the element of Fire (triangle with apex at the top; represented by the colour red), and the element of Water (triangle with apex pointed down; represented by the colour blue); representing Formless and Form, Spirit and Physical, Masculine and Feminine energies, respectively.

  • Fire and Water are in service to one another by keeping each other in balance. This is Nature and the Divine’s way.

  • Masculine represents Fire: the Formless, yang, Man, Active Principle, one-pointed, focused, directed action.

  • Feminine represents Water: the Form, yin, Woman, Receptive Principle, feelings and sensations; all manifestations of Form.

  • An imbalance of either element can injure the other.

  • The balance of the Fire and Water elements is essential to embodying Divine Wisdom and Divine Love. Divine Love is the complete circuit of Gifting and Receiving.

As awakened humans expressing as Man and Woman, we are directed by Life itself, along with its presenting circumstances. We are Life itSelf. The balance of Being and Doing, whilst engaging the Pleasure Principle of Enjoying, are the components necessary to a life lived Divinely from moment to moment to moment, in bringing about balance to the inherent suffering of the perception-managed world we already know of so well. As we open to wholeness of the totality of our human experience, all the polarities and opposites of our existence dissolve and we expand beyond our limitations and grow.

We are all Divine Beings called to fully Enjoy our Doing and Being in all of their expressions. Any imbalance cocreates physical-emotional-energetic-mental tension and dysfunction in our expressions and manifestations or more suffering.

The Sensual Life Wheel

We become obsessed with compulsive Doing (Unconscious Masculine Energy) through workaholism and habitual busy-ing, and don’t rest or take proper care of ourSelves. Perhaps we sell ourSelves out, settling into frustrating jobs and careers that we hate, for the sake of a steady paycheck and health insurance benefits we don’t actually utilise because we’re too busy and distracted to schedule an appointment.

We can also get caught up in the Being by spiritually bypassing real life circumstances, accepting slave mentality, thus suppressing the Divine Masculine attribute of Inspired Action. We make excuses for bad behavior and don’t call out bullshit; we ignore our inner wisdom and get caught up in procrastination, waiting for that “perfect” moment that never quite arrives.

Or, we OM-out into oblivion (and even bankruptcy) by avoiding practical, adult responsibilities; we forsake conscious functionality in favor of magical thinking and misunderstanding and misapplication of the Law of Attraction.

Many of us get lost in the Pleasure Principle, impulsively chasing Instant Gratification and orgasms, rather than learning how to delay gratification and ultimately appreciate, savour, and celebrate true touchstones of success and growth.

We overindulge in food, sugar, shopping, technology, partying, drugs, alcohol, and sex, or create other addictions and distractions that support avoidance tactics in our lives.

Like Life, the Sensual Life Wheel is dynamic, not static. Stagnation at any station is a red flag calling for awareness, an opportunity to tune in and check out what you’re up to—or what you’re not up to.

My Own Application of The Sensual Life Wheel

My daily formula for balance and fulfillment is easy, practical, effective, non-woo-woo, and fun. Since I was a teenager I’ve come across quite a number of variations of this very simple practice of “intending” my day, often while enjoying my morning tea or coffee. Today my morning ritual goes something like this: Every morning as part of my meditation and contemplation I activate each station of The Sensual Life Wheel with conscious intention by answering the following three questions to pre-pave my day in my journal, I do this quite loosely, so chill… Please note that this is not a To Do List, but a Three Question Ritual for personal fulfillment:

  • Who/How do I want to Be today?

  • What is the one thing I want to Do today?

  • What do I want to Enjoy today?

The simplicity and effectiveness of this quick process becomes evident in the glorious sense of fulfillment it yields day in and day out, year after year. The practice is nourishing for both men and women as it engages our deep Inner Feminine and Masculine in communion.

I set priorities by noticing what I am drawn to do, along with what requires my attention. I also notice what repels me and what feels too stressful to do. I put those items first to get them out of the way which always seem to create a sense of spaciousness and ease for me.

Try it out.

For both men and women, down time, rest, recreation, and relaxation are essential in practicing the art of balance. For mySelf, three full days free from any technology is key, along with Self-care and pampering. Trust your Sixth Sense—your Superpower of Intuition. Discover your own formula for balance without allowing the practice to become another demand or another item on your list of things to do. Live your Sensual Life. You are the Divine-In-The-Flesh!

Happy Discoveries!!

If you have questions, please feel free to email us at

Big Love,


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