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Robert Han Bishop, Ph.D. Review
Robert Han Bishop, Director of the Institute for Advancement of Humanity
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“Marja West's F’d Wide Open is a brilliant and inspiring handbook for Awakening into a Heart-Based New Humanity and the Truth of Who We Really Are. Marja willingly bares her soul in the telling of a personal journey that has led her to becoming the powerful healer and teacher she is today. Hat's off to a great lady calling each of us to our own Awakening and Divine Lovemaking.


Robert Han Bishop, Ph.D, Director, Institute for Advancement of Humanity and Producer/Host, Transforming Reality Talk Show

“This book is sure to inspire a genuine awakening that draws us closer into our own Divine Essence—rather than the programming of the old Patriarchal system and the New Age deceptions.

- Laura M. Eisenhower, 

cosmic historian & whistleblower

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Marja West speaks of a truth so bright, so illuminating that your soul will feel the very essence of itself being heard."

~Tara Marino, Elegant Femme

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“In her new book, Marja West reminds us that there's nowhere to get to, that every moment is an expression of The Divine within and without."

~ Brick Thornton, Yoga & Fitness Instructor

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