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Energy Healing


I am a Trauma-Based Mind Control DeActivator, Author, non-guru lineage Spiritual Teacher, Way-Show-er, Divine Love Agent Provocateur, Medical Intuitive, and Master Energy Healer~Facilitator, specialising in handholding survivors of the most egregious of human atrocities--trafficking, tribal-family-of-origin-abuse, cult and satanic ritual abuse. I offer Absolute Balanced Mastery Practitioner~Trauma DeActivation Certification Programs, Energy Mastery Training Programs, and Programs on Exiting the Matrix ~ Reality Creation--Mastering Manifestation ~ Materialising through Reality Transurfing and The Real Law of Attraction which honours Natural Law--all accessible only when you've exited the Matrix.

I mentor today's men, women and children -

The Heart-Based New Humanity

-- with practical tools to evolve from Victim to Victorious.       

Your Pain, Traumas, Suffering and Dramas are the Golden Gateways to Waking Up and Staying Awake so you can live your Sensual Life and Rock it on your terms.

Spiritual Mentoring, Basic Energy Healing, Grief Walking, and BDVM Sessions are four of the most readily accessible ways you and I can work together so I can show you *How To* begin waking up your life so you can embody the Cosmic freedom which is your Divine Birthright. Allow your Superpower of Intuition to guide you to which resonates the most, and get in touch with me!

Energy Healing Sessions
BDVM Sessions
Grief Walking
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