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Psyched! in the Free Zone with Freeman Fly and Marja West

By: Marja West & Freeman Fly

Human Consciousness is waking and rising when Content-Creators, Truthers, and Divine Love Agent Provocateurs get together and podcast on practicing and embodying Heart-Based New Humanity!

How do you feel?

I feel f*cking psyched!


You know that Human Consciousness is waking and rising—in more good ways than you could ever imagine—when amidst an onslaught of concurrent, absurdly demented, world-stage shitshows like: the de-platforming and censorship of Alex Jones; a weird FBI raiding and shutting down of a New Mexico observatory, which set off a flurry of exciting speculation in the Ufology community regarding Disclosure (finally!!) and other cool possibilities—only to have this raid be yet another child pornography investigation…

There are…

Content-creating Truthers and Divine Love Agent Provocateurs getting together and jump-starting-continuing a very important conversation about practical, accessible, and easily implemented ways to practice and embody the Heart-Based New Humanity.

Not as a way to Bullshit you, New Age-style or spiritually bypass (gods, how Commie/fornian of me) the horrors and realities of Satanic Ritual Abuse or be a pedophilia denier or fashionably politically correctly—gloss over the attacks on freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the censorship and banning of content creators, and the burgeoning totalitarian regime partnerships forged by Fake News Propaganda, pop culture and their representative celebrities, tech corporations, and world governments supposedly for the people and by the people—all *Weaponising Woundology* and proudly declaring in a digitised echo chamber, “I’m a victim! “no, I’m a Victim!” “No, I’m more victimised that you!! “No, I am!” “No, I am!” “No, I am!” “No, I am!” “No, I am!” “No, I am!” “No, I am!” “No, I am!” “No, I am!” …

But as a way to be able to Stay Awake amidst these sordid circumstances and uncertain times, be present for that natural reactivity—running the full spectrum gamut of human emotion: shock, anger, outrage, frustration, horror, fear, anxiety, worry—and be able to set all these challenging emotions aside, including setting aside your revulsion and perhaps your inclination to smack someone—and remain steadfast and aligned with the best of yourself.

Given that I was unceremoniously kicked off my last four interviews, being interviewed by Freeman in the Free Zone was the Bomb/Balm—hours passed like a flash—not one awkward moment, no teeth or fangs bared, not even a hiss—well may be some purring… just two kindred spirits sharing ideas, exchanging thoughts and feelings about the whole process of waking up to the truth of who and what we are, incarnating in this Perception-Managed Reality, evolving from Victim to Victorious, discovering the joys and Power of *Unemployability* to making the conscious choice to discover one’s True Purpose/Service, to honouring our Self-imposed “Hermitage” aka “isolation” as the ultimate act of Self-Love.… and of course, chatting about the Second Edition of my book baby F’d Wide Open: The Rude Awakening of the Heart-Based New Humanity.

My question to you all speaks to your lives, presently, given all your Life’s challenges and personal circumstances and the world-at-large dramas:

How Do You Feel?? Fucked Over?? or Fucked Wide Open??

For myself… Fucked Wide Open is way more fun!!! … just sayin… no Victims, here…

Freeman Fly is the Man! The Free Zone is exactly that!! … and I just bought one of his Glow-In-The-Dark-Cat-Ts!

What an Epic way to bid the Summer farewell and welcome the Autumnal Equinox!!

Love You All, Love Freeman… check him out: and Subscribe…

Check out Marja West's Podcast "How Do you Feel" in the FreeZone with Freeman Fly Here!


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